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Is Lord Krishna-s heart still present in the Jagannath Puri temple?


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Indeed. Master Krishna's heart actually present inside Jagannath symbol.

Nobody precisely knows what it looks like. a few says it's seem as though a gem, a few says it's a fossil, a few says it's a tantrik yantra and a few says it's resemble an outsider antique.


At the point when Lord Krishna resigned into the timberland and began contemplating under a tree. The tracker "Jara Sabar" confused Krishna's mostly noticeable left foot with that of a Deer and shot a bolt injuring and slaughtering him. Jara was Vaali in his past birth, executed by Lord Rama in Tretayayuga. Vaali was resurrected as a tracker in Dwapara Yuga and got an opportunity to vindicate his murdering.

On hearing the information on Krishna, all the Pandav showed up there. Arjun pulled out the bolt from the injured Lord Krishna. Master Krishna left his human body.

The Pandavas conveyed the body to the Bay of Bengal and incinerated there. The entire body was devastated aside from the heart which stayed unblemished and indestructic. Later the heart was tossed into ocean.

Jara followed this unburnt part tossed in to the ocean and ready to bring it. He was amazed that unburnt part had transformed into blue stone. This blue stone was revered by him in a cavern furtively and from that point by his family heads in progression.

Later it was taken by the King Indradyumna and put inside Lord Jagannath symbol .

The symbols can be supplanted exclusively after the eighth, twelfth or nineteenth year of the last substitution function, since anything made of wood or anything made on this planet is inclined to change and rot.

It is the point at which the core of Krishna, which is held up inside the old sculpture is moved to the enhanced one. There is a conviction that the individual who plays out the ceremonial passes away and blends with the Lord in under a year's time.

This occurs in extremely mystery way in obscurity new moon 12 PM. Just chose ministers are permitted during this custom. Some of them cover their eyes with a fabric.



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