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Is Maggi Noodles harmful for your kids health?


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Well, within the past few days, Nestle – the parent company of Maggi – and also the state Food Safety and Drug Administration are involved in a very tussle over the alleged finding of “MSG” (monosodium glutamate) and lead within the noodles. MSG, which could be a concentrated salt used as a flavour enhancer, and excessive amounts of lead are reported to cause health problems like:

Mental and physical impairment in children
Skin rashes, itching and urticaria or hives
Nausea and vomiting
Heart irregularities
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Moms to be have often debated whether or to not eat Maggi in pregnancy. Needless to mention, the new finding seems to create the proposition risky for your baby, both within the womb and outdoors. Too exorbitant a price to obtain a seemingly innocuous snack your children love? Well, Maggi noodles has never been the epitome of a nutritious snack! it's traditionally been made of refined flour or maida – known to be linked to obesity and digestive problems. In recent times, the shelves abound with atta and oats variants of the noodles. While these are definitely healthier, the taste-maker still comes with an excessive amount of salt and this will cause unnatural water retention within the body.
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