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Sameer seoexpert

blogger | Posted 23 Oct, 2018 |

Is Mobile Phone Repair Worth It? Best Mobile Phone Repair Company?

Jacey Tome

student | Posted 23 Feb, 2021

Please cannot use local mobile repairing service for mobile repairing. you know every mobile company has customer care center where mobiles are repaired customer care center is best best for mobile repairing.

jasmeet singh

@jasmeet | Posted 12 Feb, 2021

Hello, Yes mobile repair is worth it . Customer care is the best company for your mobile repair because they will do genuine work.

Janet Reese

Designer | Posted 12 Feb, 2021

If you're having major problems like display issue or something software issues and that can be repaired easily by a customer service center, but the question is your phone is in warranty because that issue can cost you some big amount and you're planning to repair by local guy then I suggest you that you should go for new phone instant of Westing your money on chep repair it might be work but sometime latter you going to face same issues so pleased don't waste your money on that 

Computer Krayzee

Computer Repair service | Posted 05 Feb, 2021

Mobile phone repair service isn't expensive. You need a team of experts to work on fast repair as the time is limited when a customer avails the service. In fact, before our technicians work on your phone. A leading mobile repair company service provider is the best solution to repair the phone.

Faisal Khan

Digital Marketer | Posted 18 Dec, 2020

Every mobile company has customer care center where mobiles are also repaired. Your mobile can be repaired easily from these company services but you cannot use local services for repairing the mobile because there is a risk of damage to mobile.

Prreeti Radhika Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted 31 Oct, 2018

It depends on a wide range of factors. I mean, if you have only recently purchased the phone, buying another one would not be a financially sane move. BUT if you have an expensive phone that you purchased a year back, getting it repaired would still be a better idea.


(Courtesy: JustDial)

So, whether or not mobile phone repair is worth it depends on the type of phone you have, how much did it cost you, how long you have had it, can you afford a new phone and so forth. Also, a lot will also depend on the kind of problem you’re facing with the phone. Like, if the battery has lost its peak, you can get it repaired. However, if its processor isn’t performing well, replacing the phone would be better; repairing it would cost you very high. 

To help you though, here are some questions you need to answer to know if your mobile phone repair is really worth it or not: 

(i) When did you purchase it: If it has been more than 18 months since you purchased it, purchasing a new phone could be an alternative. However, anything before that, you should always get it repaired. Irrespective of the brand, the first year since purchase comes in warranty period. So, you can avail free repair work. 

(ii) What’s the problem: This is, of course, a very important question. What problems you’re experiencing with the phone? Are there any major issues? Or is it a small problem? If it’s something small, repairing it would be much more cost-effective. But if the problem is big and is hindering your using experience, purchase a new one. 

(iii) What kind of phone you have: Phones from the good brands are very sturdy. Their components are of very good quality. So, when you open them to repair, it’s likely that with proper work, they will continue to perform decent and last long. However, the phones from smaller or newer brands, they lack that sturdiness. So, once they have been opened, their performance might take a big hit. While the serviceman can manage to repair the problem, you might soon start to notice new problems. So, if your phone is from a good brand, get it repaired. If it’s from some unknown brand, replace it. 

(iv) How much did it cost you: If your phone is costly, you would want to use it longer to optimally bank on your investment! So, say if the phone cost you INR 30,000 and more, and it has always been 15 months since purchase, you should definitely get it to repair over purchasing a new phone. 

(v) Do you have a budget: This is a simple calculation! If you have the money to purchase a new phone and you aren’t happy with your existing one, you should buy a new one, irrespective of what the other factors suggest. 

These 5 questions will adequately answer you if mobile phone repair is worth it or not. 

Now, coming to the second part of the question, if you’re getting your phone repaired, it’s extremely important that you DO NOT go to your local service shop or vendor. Always hit the authorized service center. Yes, they might charge you slighter higher. But you can always be assured of the quality of their work. Your phone will be fixed, and it will last longer. 

Hope the answer helps. Good luck!