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Chandan Naiya

Blogger | Posted on | Astrology

Is nadi astrology believable?


Online Astrology Service | Posted on

Many people are still confused about if Nadi astrology can actually help in predicting past life of an individual. Nadi astrology is the ancient form of astrology and is mostly practiced in Southern India. 


Hindu sages used to record an individual's past, present and future via recording it on palm leaves. But unlike science, astrology cannot also give you 100% accurate predictions about your future. But when it comes to predicting a person's past life, Nadi astrology provide an individual with the most accurate details of his past life. Consult The Best Astrologers Online and get your customised future predictions.


Astrologer,Shiv shakti Jyotish Kendra | Posted on

A large population of India believes, not only in religion, festivals and culture, but also in tantra-mantra, black magic, etc. In India, lines are really blurred as to what is believable and what not believable, and to what extent. Also, if there are people who blindly follow such superstitious practices, there are those who prefer to stay as far off as possible from such things.


Same is true with Nadi astrology. To know, if one should believe in it or not, one first needs to know what exactly it is.

Astrology has many branches, and Nadi astrology is one of these branches, which is also seen as an ancient form of knowledge.

Nadi astrology is the knowledge of a person’s past, present, and future. It is an ancient version of today’s modern-day astrology, and is said to be quite miraculous.

Nadi astrology is also capable of telling the relationship between a human’s previous life the present life. It also offers ways to compensate for the sins you might have committed in your past life. This version of astrology functions on the belief that our past has a significant and influential role to play in our present.

Since it has a concrete ground of beliefs, it can be believed and trusted if one has faith.


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