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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted | Share-Market-Finance

Is Neelesh Surana the best Mutual Fund Manager in India? If not, then who is?


Entrepreneur | Posted

Recently, Morningstar Inc. and Economic Times joined hands to list the best Fund Managers in India. And they named Neelesh Surana at the very top. So it’s likely you have read that list too.


While although not entirely, I do agree with the ranking. Neelesh has been dot on point on many occasions with his analysis and predictions. He is experienced and with an impeccable track record of picking high-rewarding stocks. So yes, you can call him the best on the scene right now.


But if you’re looking for a personal opinion, I would certainly go with Sohini Andani. She is a fund manager at SBI Funds Management Private Limited. I have been following her for quite some time now and the work she is doing (and has done) is pretty commendable. Currently, on her advice, I have spent a chunk of my capital in the financial sector. And with how the market has turned to be recently, I am glad I did.


Another of my favorite names is "Mrinal Singh and Pankaj Tibrewal", both of who are listed in the ranking of ET and Morningstar as well.


If you’re into mutual funds or are planning to invest in the asset, follow these individuals closely. You will learn a lot of things, which will ultimately reflect on your portfolio. Good luck!



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