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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | others

Is new Maruti Swift model better than old one?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

The most anticipating car of the Maruti has come to the market and without giving any second thought the all

new Maruti Swift is more sportier and sophisticated as compared to the previous one.

1. Design:The new model of swift looks more mature and sporty, the longer Wheelbase and larger 16-inch wheel base make it look a class bigger.

2. Features: The all new swift comes with a lot of new feature like rectangular Ac vents have been replaced by round ones. And 5 speed automatic transmission as an option for both diesel and petrol model adds icing over the cake.

3. Specifications:When it comes to engines there is no change in them and options will be the same as they used to be but the new swift is lighter than the previous one that promises to give extra mileage on road.

4. Price:The new model of swift will cost you a little more costly than the previous one. The base model LDI starts from 5.99 lakh onwards and VXI from 5.87 Lakh.