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Dhawani Singh

Student | Posted on | Science-Technology

Is social media good or bad?


Engineer and part time Blogger | Posted on

We Human beings are social creatures, always need to connect with others to thrive in life. Social media has changed the way how we communicate earlier with our close ones. It is now the main possible source that links people altogether, manages our online reputation, and has also a huge impact on our happiness as well as mental health. ‘Is Social media Good or Bad thing?’ this is often the foremost commonly asked question today.




From 2006 onwards the growth rate of Social media is unexpectedly very high, increased by more than 13 over last year (2020). Just like every science, it has two sides- bright and dark. Here we have compiled some of the positive and negative opinions which people generally express for social networks.



Reasons why social media is good


1) It is the most effective platform by which we can grow our business brand awareness by grabbing the attention of maximum potential customers.


2) Not only business, but it also has a lot of benefits for the students and teachers as using it in a proper way we can learn new things regardless of our location and education background.


3) It also helps Governments and Security Agencies to monitor and catch criminals to fight against crimes.


Why social media is bad for our society


1) The quality of the conversation using social media is awful because there is a lack of emotional attachment.


2) The addictive part of social networks can disturb personal lives as well. Extensive use of social media can actually lead to addictions which will hamper our day-to-day important activities and self-productivity.


3) By using social media, our personal data can be easily hacked and shared on the internet, which can make financial as well as loss to our personal life.


So, here is some advice on the use of social media for the benefit of the youth.


1) We need to always observe their engagement in normal conversation.


2) Social media reduces the feelings of isolation but excessive use can hamper a day to day activity so, we need to educate them properly on where to stop.





Online Trainer, Writer, Translator, Transcriber, Recruiter, Business Head of Procode Technolologies | Posted on

Every coin has 2 sides, that is good and bad, no one or nothing is perfect. Every aspect has both good and bad sides. Coming to social media, it depends on 2 criteria's:

1)  Your angle or perspective of looking at things.

2) What information do you regularly seek for?

When it comes to the first point, or perspective of looking at things, it totally depends and differs from person to person, as the mentality of each individual is different. For instance; If there is a job requirement, and 2 people have been cheated, then one might feel that he should never apply online again, while other might take it as a lesson, and be careful with his application and choices next time.

Coming to the second point, that is information that you are regularly seeking for, many people only feel that social media is only a means to watch unwanted dirty videos, and for time pass, or for cheating people,  and they constantly do the same, and spread the same; While actually social media is an excellent medium to improve and update your knowledge, and also learn new things; earn a living from the comfort of your home, at your convenient timings, without leaving your house.

Its all on you, depending on the way you utilize it.


Business Coach | Posted on

Actually, it entirely depends upon the one who use it. Some get addicted to it as drugs, and some use it as a business tool. So I would like to go with the second option.. use it as a business tool. 


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