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Tony Abraham

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Is Steve Smith better than Virat Kohli?


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Both are really good players with respect to their national set up. Both have come along way starting their journey from U-19 world cup in 2008 till now. Now both are matured batsman (Of course everyone has flaws).

Both are considered as run-machines. Both started their careers as a Limited-over specialist players but both had forged a different path up till now. One is a better Test player and other is a maestro in ODI’s and T20’s.

Kohli is a dynamite when it comes to chasing and he is one hell of aggressive player.He does not hit many sixes as current crop of cricketers do but his wrists is something we are gonna see throughout his career. His placement is really good and has a perfect vision of the field. He is the go-to-man for India Cricket Team right now.


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There isn’t even an iota of doubt that Steve Smith and Virat Kohli – captains of their respective teams – are the best players in the Cricketing world today. While the former one has emerged to be the new-age Bradman of Tests, the latter is hailed as the modern-day Tendulkar of ODIs – both breaking records after records across formats.

However, when comparing these two future legends, which one trades better?

Let’s see the statistics:


Kohli has scored 5268 runs in his 106 innings. Smith has scored 5557 runs in his 107 innings. While Kohli has scored double century 6 times, Smith has only crossed this magical number once. However, he outdoes Kohli with 20 centuries and 21 half centuries. Even in hitting sixes and boundaries, Smith comes up better.

In short, Steve Smith is a better player in Test format.


Kohli has played 193 matches and scored 8678 runs with an average of 55.27 per match. On the other hand, Smith has scored 3284 runs in 95 matches with an average of 43.78 per match. Kohli has better strike rate.

In short, Kohli is a better player in ODI format.


Steve Smith hasn’t been very impressive in T20 matches. In his 24 innings, he has only scored 397 runs with an average of 20.89. Kohli, on the other hand, has been a beast in this format. He has played 51 innings and scored 1957 runs with run rate of 52.89 and strike rate of 137.91.

In short, Kohli is a better player in T20 format.

There you go. There’s your answer!

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