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Is taking protein powder after workout good for health?


Nutritionist & Wellness Coach; DNHE -( IGNOU) Specialist in fitness Nutrition (ISSA ); Certified Yoga Expert(BVB) | Posted on

Protein is an essential macro nutrient that plays important role in growth, development and repair of body.
Right from our hair to toenail, the body is made up of protein.
Protein is an essential part of our diet. We commonly see it in our diet in form of milk or milk products, lentils, pulses, meat, fish or seafood, eggs, poultry products.
However due to lack of a balanced & nutritionaly dense diet, we need to supplement our diet with protein, this is commonly available in form of powder in market.
What we need to understand is that all protein powders are Not the same.
We have plant based protein powders and even lab made protein is available in the market.
What one needs to carefully judge is , the quality, in terms of source, ingredients and absorption .
The best protein powder is one which has a PDCAAS score of 1.
Basis the goal of your workout, you need to carefully choose the protein powder.
If your goal is to loose weight, you need to have protein powder, which does not have any extra calories in form of added sugar, fat or flavours.
If you wish to gain weight then added sugar may not be that big a problem.
Having said that, I would highly encourage everyone to seek correct guidance from a qualified Nutritionist , and not just go by casual recommendations.


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