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Is the meaning of love actually deteriorating or enhancing in the time of jargon?


Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on

According to me dating apps are totally a blunder themselves. Especially for long term relationships.

Tinder and other dating apps have totally declined the meaning of love. Dating apps are actually a sad game. Research shows that 19 million messages between 400,000 hetero people on a dating app that couldn't be named due to a non-disclosure agreement.


This all paints a pretty bleak picture of the modern dating scene, as mediated by algorithm-driven apps, but there is hope. If we know that dating apps have a connection gap between short, frivolous exchanges and meaningful connections, it tells us that future apps need a way to close it.


specifically: Male Tinder users demonstrated higher levels of shame about their bodies, including feelings of inadequacy when it comes to their height, amount of body hair, shoe size, and–surprise, surprise–***** size.

They were also more likely to view their bodies as sexual objects rather than just, well, bodies. They also reported an increased level of body surveillance and increased pressure to maintain a specific physique. And they were more judgmental of other people’s physiques.


So, yes just like a coin has two phases everything has.  Similarly goes with tinder and other dating apps.


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