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Trishna .

Trishna .

Self-Starter!!!!! | Posted 08 Jun, 2021 |

Is there a National Best Friends Day today?

Vanisha Anand

Vanisha Anand

Student | |Updated 08 Jun, 2021

Friends are an essential part of everyone's life. And today on 8 June, National Bestfriend Day 2021 is celebrated. They are the ones who encourage, motivate and acknowledge positive and good in their friends. Just like there is no specific day to celebrate Mother's day, there is no specific day to celebrate friendship day also. But 8 June is specially designated by the people for the celebration of National Best Friend Day.



8th June is recognised as the National Best Friend Day in the United States of America. Friendship between two or more people can be shared on this day. One can show love to their bestfriend and tell them how much they mean. 

As the name states, this day is celebrated to show gratitude towards the people who one considers as their biggest support system. On this day, you can show how much you cherish your friendship with them. Some people are very close to heart and are very important in one's life. Time doesn't count and they are your second family who are just more than your good or close friends. 

Is there a National Best Friends Day today?



Best friend day is believed to have an unknown originality. The people of the United States of America believed in celebrating friendship day in 1935. This day is more common and is popularly enjoyed and celebrated in the younger generation.



We all have many people in our life who we consider as friends but only few are there who we all consider as special and have special space in our hearts. These people are who we call best friends. On this day, many people surprise their friends with gifts and show them love.