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Priya Gupta

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Is there any possibility of Mr Kejriwal being next PM?


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Chances are very marginal. In fact, one can say there’s no way that Arvind Kejriwal can be the next Prime Minister of India. And there are plenty of reasons behind that.

He evidently lacks the kind of diplomacy and approach that is required to be the PM. He is more of a confrontation type individual who believes in radical reforms. To that, if his past record suggests anything, it is he lose track of goals very quickly, which could turn fatal for the country. For example, he became a prominent leader out of his fight against corruption. Once in power, he jumped into tackling issues like electricity and water. Forward, he and his administration are in the mix of education and healthcare problems. Now it is not to say that the issues he picks are of less importance. But he jumps ships and leave the other important issues at large. In short, he lacks the patience and the multi-tasking ability to be PM.

To that, the central government also must act in sync with the state governments for general good of all. However, we have seen in the past that the expectations for cooperation between Aam Aadmi Party and other political parties is all fantasy. Kejriwal, in his drive to fight conventional politics, doesn’t get along very well with other party leaders. (AAP’s continuous clashes with MCD is very good example of this.)

Mr. Kejriwal has championed the art of McCarthyism. His baseless allegations against anyone and everyone have lost his credibility. To that, his own ex-party members like Yogendra Yadav, Prasant Bhusan and Vinod Binny have put serious allegations against him, which has tainted his image as a ‘simple man with good intentions’.

While AAP is in majority in Delhi, their policies and overall attitude has totally put off their voters, with Delhites asking for change in the government already.

In short, Arvind Kejriwal doesn’t qualify to be Prime Minister of this country from any angle. However, maybe with time he will grow as a leader. After all, the current PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi, once was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and 2002 riot put a big blot on this image, which still haunts him (one of the major reasons why he is, right now, a media-shy person, avoiding any scope of interviews and media interaction with those outlets who aren’t a sellout).

So like Mr. Modi, Kejriwal can too grow from CM to PM in the coming decade. But as of now, he isn’t a PM material. And with the way he is striding forward, it looks like he will never be.

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