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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Science-Technology

Is there any technology that you wish was never invented?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

With all the stories of AI takeover that I’ve been hearing as of late, I wish Artificial Intelligence (AI) was never invented. Now, don’t get me wrong. AI (and machine learning) is possibly one of the great tech innovations we have till date. And they are changing the world—right from healthcare to education. However, with the pace we’re striding ahead without taking any right measures, it’s scary what AI could do next. If remain unchecked, it could supersede humans. And things become even scarier when big names like Late Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk fear the same thing.


Nuclear weapon is another thing that I wish was never invented. Yes, to the optimists, nuclear may seem necessary. But I hate the idea of living in constant fear that a major nuclear war can break out any time of the day and it could risk the extinction of human civilization.


These are 2 technologies that I wish was never invented.

Aside from these, generally speaking, there are plenty of tech things that I wish shouldn’t exist. Like cars and or any vehicle that burns fuels; they cause air pollution and make up for the unfavourable living condition. Selfie sticks, computer malware and viruses, and even mobile phones (I miss those old days when friends would meet and just talk to each other, and not stay glued to their phones). If I have the power, I would want all of these gone.