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Priya Gupta

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Is there any way to Calculate Rahu Kaal ?


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In Hindu tradition, Rahu Kaal is not the auspicious time. People strictly avoid this time period to start new projects, marriage proposals, journeys, trades, interviews, trades, business deals, sale or purchase of assets.
Rahu Kaal is defined according to the the sun rise and set timing. The right way to calculate Rahu Kaal for any day is to take into account the time of sunrise in the given zone. Below are simple ways to find the right period of Rahu Kaal.
1. Mark the sunrise timing as per the Panchang at a given place.
2.Divide the whole day from sunrise to sunset into eight equal parts. Therefore, the twelve hours duration from sunrise to sunset, you will have 8 parts.
3. The resulting eight parts segments will be 6.00–7.30 (first part), 07.30–09.00 (second part), 09.00–10.30 (third part), 10.30–12.00 (fourth part), 12.00–01.30 (fifth part), 01.30–03.00 (sixth part), 03.00–04.30 (seventh part), and 04.30–06.00 (eighth part).
4. Leave out the first segment (06.00–07.30) because Rahu Kaal never comes during the first part of the day on any day.
5. Arrange the remaining seven parts of the day in this fashion: Monday, Saturday, Friday, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday. Starting from the second part of the day (07.30 – 09.00), arrange the seven parts of the day one each to the remaining days of the week. This will give you theRahu Kaaltime on the given day of the week.