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Meetali Asiwal

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Is there anything interesting about Nepal’s culture which makes it worth visiting?


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Nepal is a small country, situated in the lap of great Himalayas. The pleasant sceneries of the country are enough to allure your heart. As if the heaven itself has descended on the earth. Nepal’s beauty cannot be fathomed in words. Just like Nepal, the facts about it are interesting and beautiful:

• The national flag of Nepal (Nepali: नेपालको झण्डा) is the world's only non-quadrilateral national flag. The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennons, known as a double pennon

• Nepal is the oldest country in South Asia. Around 123 languages are spoken there.

• Nepalese would greet you in the most heart-warming way. They would not shake hands or hug you while meeting. They woud join their hands in politeness in front of you.

• Nepalese are very religious. The festival of Mahashivaratri is celebrated ith great enthusiasm there.
• It is a Hindu state, having 81.3% of Hindu population. The last ruler of Nepal was also Hindu.

• Eight out of ten highest mountain peaks of the world are in Nepal.

• The founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha was also born on the land of Southern Nepal, in Lumbini.

• The people of Nepal are also known as “Gurkha”. They are known for their bravery in First and Second World War.

• The culture of Nepal is somewhat similar to Tibet and India. The dressing, clothing, and food here is especially similar to India and Tibet.

• The primary food of Nepal is horse gram, rice (known as bhaat), vegetables, and pickle. This kind of food is taken as both lunch and dinner.

• In breakfast and snacks, people here prefer tea and poha as well. Meat, fish ad eggs are also preferred here.

It’s needless to say that the vegetation, hills, and valleys here makes the place an ideal tourist spot. You should visit the country for the minute and hidden flavor of its culture that are present in the day to day life of the people.