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Ajit Bhandari

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Is yoga can help us to get rid of anxiety?


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Yoga can definitely help you get rid of your anxiety, but for this you need to understand what exactly anxiety is and how yoga helps you against it.

Anxiety is a form of mental restlessness, which makes you restless physically too. It can be termed as Fight and flight mode in which the person suffering from anxiety is in a kind of preparation for an emergency.


The yoga posture recommended for anxiety is Yoganindra, which is like a kind of sleep or rest. In this, you let lose your body parts through rhythmic breaths, and that puts your mind, along with your body, at rest.

Doing Yoganindra for 15-45 minutes daily, conjures away all the negativity, pessimistic thoughts, and restlessness out of the body and helps you get rid of your anxiety.  

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Anxiety and stress are inevitable and have become part of our lives. We get anxious and tensed over small little things in life. Whether we have an exam to give or we are going on a trip, all these things develop stress and anxiety amongst us. We cannot get away with anxiety that easily. We need to be calm and peaceful while dealing with situations involving pressure. We can also think of ways and techniques through which we can remain calm in such cases and how to release stress and tension from our minds.

Anxiety causes various health issues and disrupts the functioning of life. It leads to insomnia, restlessness, anxiety disorders, depression, etc. all these problems lead to lower productivity and efficiency both at work and personal level. Yoga can be very beneficial when we are experiencing severe bouts of anxiety. Studies have found that doing ten sessions of bath yoga helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Many such studies prove that yoga is indeed helpful in reducing the anxiety levels and improving the quality of life.

How yoga helps in getting rid of anxiety?

Yoga is helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. Let’s find out some ways in which yoga can help in getting rid of anxiety.

Yoga helps in reducing tension and promotes relaxation. When we are in stress, our body becomes stiff. Our body faces the wrath of the tension that we go through in our minds. Our muscles and shoulders become stiff. Yoga can help relax our mind and body. It has different asanas catering mainly to stress and anxiety. Practising these asanas daily will help release all the tension and uneasiness from the mind and calm your body.

When we are anxious and tensed, we tend to take deep and quick breaths which disturbs our nervous system. Therefore we must take slow breaths so that we can control our nervous system. Yoga will help in controlling our breaths and make us aware of our breaths. This will help us in controlling our nervous system and relax our mind.

Yoga also makes us conscious of our body. It helps us to understand the way our body is behaving when we are stressed or anxious. This way, we can control our emotions and maintain a balance to reduce the physical tension and stress from our minds.

When we are anxious, we have a lot of worries and tensions in our mind. Yoga helps us to divert our mind from all the negative thoughts and think of good and positive things around us. Practising yoga will help in getting rid of all the worries and anxiety from the mind and focus on the present and happy moments.

While we are dealing with anxiety, it becomes difficult for us to accept the problems that we are facing. Yoga helps us to accept the discomforts that are there in our lives. We can divert our minds towards things that are positive and indulge in activities that move us away from anxiety and tension.

Yoga can be beneficial in dealing with anxiety. Yoga is the solution to almost all the problems facing most of us. One just needs to be patient and regular while practising. Yoga does yield positive results once we believe in its power and practice it religiously.


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Yoga helps in facilitating the physical body, yet it can likewise help with restless musings. Negative reasoning examples and regular concerns are basic for those determined to have alarm issue. Reflection, perception, and zeroing in on breathing can help with relinquishing stress and dread.


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