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Ajit Bhandari

@letsuser | Posted 09 Oct, 2018 |

Is yoga can help us to get rid of anxiety?

Ajit Bhandari

@letsuser | Posted 24 Oct, 2018

Here the yoga asana given to cure anxiety and to know more information about yoga poses and their benefits
Five yoga postures to reduce anxiety and stress
These yoga postures are not only good for reducing anxiety and stress, but can also help you to get in touch with yourself, become more flexible and prevent muscle and joint pain.

Yoga is one of the many techniques that exist to relieve anxiety and stress.
This is because yoga helps us to send negative energy and thus be able to counteract this kind of problem.
Today, many health centers recommend starting with yoga to relieve tension in the body and expel negative emotions.
The main reason why yoga offers so many benefits is that it requires a lot of concentration and physical effort.
This can cause the cortisol level to drop, the breathing to be corrected and the body posture to be improved.
In addition, studies show that the
postures that yoga entails are good for the health of our joints.
These postures can also
help to prevent heart disease and diabetes.
The best thing about these yoga postures is that you can practice them at home or even in a free space at the office.
Try them yourself!
1. Fire breathing

Fire breathing or Kapalabhati Pranayama is an exercise that helps to clear your airways and give your metabolism a boost.
In addition, it is a deep breathing technique where you have to relax your stomach and exhale powerfully.
This causes the muscles in your abdomen to contract.
By practicing this fire breathing technique, you can lower your stress level and free your mind.
How do you do this exercise?
• Sit on a yoga mat with your legs crossed and your back completely straight.
• Put your hands on your knees and try to relax your face.
• Then begin breathing in and out naturally passively and in a natural way.
• Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose until your lungs are full of air.
• Tighten your abdominal muscles hard.
• Then exhale and then inhale again in the same way.
• Repeat this ten times.

2. Balasana or child attitude
Balasana or child posture is a stretching exercise that is good for the tension in your back and neck.
When performing this exercise, it is important to breathe in and out slowly,
so that the exercise is also good for reducing anxiety and combating problems caused by stress .
Because of the effort required by this exercise, you can do the exercise best on a yoga mat or other comfortable surface.
How do you do this exercise?
• Sit on your knees and lower your upper body, so that your forehead comes into contact with your mat.
• Keep your arms along your body, with your hands turned upside down next to your toes. You can also choose to hold out your arms in front of you or, as it were, above your head. Note that in this case it is important to keep your hands turned downwards.
• Breathe deeply in and out and focus on this posture for thirty seconds.

3. Uttanasana
You've probably stretched your back by bending over. Uttanasana is a modified version of this movement and is intended to relieve
tension in the muscles and direct negative energy in the right direction.
How do you do this exercise?
• Inhale and stretch your arms above your head.
• Then exhale and bend forward, while doing this , tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your back and legs straight.
• Put your hands flat on the floor next to your feet and keep all your fingers completely straight.
• Bend your head towards your feet and try to stretch your legs by using your quadriceps.
• If you feel that there is too much pressure on your legs, you can possibly bend your knees slightly.
• Hold this posture for thirty seconds. Try to keep this position gradually longer and longer, until you can end up in this position for a minute.
• Then slowly return to the starting position.

4. Downward dog
The original name for this exercise is Adho Mukha Svanasana and this is an exercise in which almost every part of the body is heated.
This yoga posture can help soothe the nerves in the spine and improve the circulation of the legs to the head.
In addition, this posture can help reduce stress and control the symptoms of anxiety. It also ensures that the muscles and joints become stronger.
How do you do this exercise?
• Sit on your hands and knees with your hands a bit further forward and your legs on shoulder width apart.
• Then push your knees and buttocks upwards so that you only rely on your hands and toes.
• Try to bend your back as little as possible. This could cause muscle injuries.
• Push your ribs up to support your shoulders and spine.
• Push your tail bit towards your heels and press with the help of the outer and inner part of your feet.
• Hold this posture for twenty seconds and then rest.

5. Back bends
Back bends like these are more comfortable when you perform them with a ball.
This is because the ball can help correct your body posture and control problems with circulation, anxiety and stress.
How do you do this exercise?
• Sit in a comfortable position on a practice ball, with your backstraight.
• Use your feet to keep your balance.
• Then sit back and bend your spine in a natural way.
• Keep your hands next to the ball or on the floor under your head.
• Push your feet, bringing your hands to the ground.
• Hold this posture for a few seconds, breathe deeply in and out at the same time and stretch your spine.
By practicing these yoga postures regularly, you will be able to keep stress and anxiety at bay.
In addition, you will become more flexible and improve the health of your joints.

Anil Yogacharya

yogacharya at Dwarka Sports Complex | Posted 19 Oct, 2018

Yoga can definitely help you get rid of your anxiety, but for this you need to understand what exactly anxiety is and how yoga helps you against it.

Anxiety is a form of mental restlessness, which makes you restless physically too. It can be termed as Fight and flight mode in which the person suffering from anxiety is in a kind of preparation for an emergency.


The yoga posture recommended for anxiety is Yoganindra, which is like a kind of sleep or rest. In this, you let lose your body parts through rhythmic breaths, and that puts your mind, along with your body, at rest.

Doing Yoganindra for 15-45 minutes daily, conjures away all the negativity, pessimistic thoughts, and restlessness out of the body and helps you get rid of your anxiety.  

Translated from Hindi