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Make healthy and tasty cauliflower-lemon recipe at home?


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Hii here I write how to make healthy and tasty cauliflower- lemon recipe. First cut the cauliflower in small pieces irregular size means pieces are not in perfect size then fry on pan with olive oil then heat /fry cauliflower with spices,salt & pepper and toss the cauliflower for proper mix such ingredients every corner as it is proper fry with salt spices ans pepper on baking sheet .then cover with foil and roasted in high heat oven for 15 minutes .Then uncover it and roast prpperly till cramalized then you set cocking time as soon as cauliflower cramalized best.
Then take it in serving platter and , While nice and hot then heat it up with lemon juice,and garlic juice with toasted nuts and fresh parsley .
you ease we mention ingredient wcich use in cauliflower and lemon recip.
1. 1 head of cauliflower cut in small pieces
2. Privet reserva take extra Greek vergin olive oil.
3. Take 2 spoon ground cumin.
4. Take 1 spoon harissa spices .
5. Take 1 to 2 spoon lemon juice or 1/2 lemon or take 1 lemon likking according our taste .
6. And take handfull parsley for garlish optional
7. And lastly 1/4 or 30 gram toasted pine nut optional .