Men sucides are more than women after marriagebut no media cover thisthey need publicityWomen and chilrden gives sympathy to audiance and would get good TRP-sdo you think Indian law was not giving equality to Mendo you think its unfair to Men these days - letsdiskuss
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varma R

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Men sucides are more than women after marriagebut no media cover thisthey need publicityWomen and chilrden gives sympathy to audiance and would get good TRP-sdo you think Indian law was not giving equality to Mendo you think its unfair to Men these days


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Okay, let's know the numbers first:

Married men are twice as likely to commit suicide than married women. In 2014, 60,000 married men committed suicide vs. 27,000 married women.

"Family problems" is the biggest reason behind these suicides, which is followed by illness.

(Courtesy: Times of India)
So, it's true that married men likely suffer more than married women… even though the reasons haven’t been empirically established.
But your question has many layers to it. And there are too many dynamics here that one must understand.
married man suffer (Courtesy: The Advocate)
Foremost, if you really cared about married men's suicide rate, you would focus on them and NOT be cynic to the coverage women get in the mainstream media.
Say, 100,000 men killed themselves. Instead of undermining the deaths of 50,000 women, you would rather focus on 100,000 men if you really cared. In reality, you don’t! You're just one in many who believes bashing the feminist movement, based on select and half-hearted facts, is fashionable.
Even so, good for you. You must have opinions… Only I wish you would have them based on hard facts and ground realities. Nonetheless.
(Also, per your question, let's NOT get to talking about "children". A child is sexually abused every 15 minutes in the country. It's already under-reported and under-prioritized.)
Coming to the media coverage women victim get vs. the male victim, yes, it used to be higher. It used to be the case not necessarily because it brought more TRP and sales to news channels and newspaper. But because, sadly, that's how our patriarchal society is built where women's sufferings and men's victories are prioritized more.
(If anything, talking about men's suicide would have brought news channels more TRP given it's more unique.)
women victim get vs. the male victim (Courtesy: LY Lawyers)
But that's how used to be the case. Today, neither women nor men are covered in the mainstream news. Such topics are marginalized by Hindu-Muslim propaganda.
Men and women's suicide rate… none is covered by the media now.
For TRP and clicks, the media houses have found a much better and evergreen hen that lays golden eggs.
Now, talking about Indian law, it favors men just as much as it does the women. It treats both genders equally. In front of the law, there's no bias between the genders. (Unless, of course, you're a third gender!)
Problem is that domestic and sexual abuse of men is highly under-reported. And this happens because of the machismo image that men are often linked to. It's embarrassing for a man to go to the police and report that his wife is beating him up. It's embarrassing for him to tell that a woman is sexually abusing him. So, men confine themselves with their struggles. They take no support from anyone. Eventually, when things get worse, they commit suicide.
domestic and sexual abuse of men (Courtesy: UOW Staffs Blogs)
They commit suicide not because Indian law doesn’t favor them in cases of domestic abuses. They do that because they don’t share their problems with others. And for this, we must blame the society in a whole for creating that hollow social fabric where men cannot share such problems openly.
To answer the last part of your question… yes, it's unfair to men these days… Just as unfair as it has been, and still is, for women.
One of the biggest problems of the feminist movement is failing to recognize the problems men face.
Yes, they face a lot of problems and challenges. Women face them too. We can argue who's the biggest sufferer. But in the end, both the genders suffer in their own respective ways.
man's problems and challenges (Courtesy: Penny Appeal)
If you really want to help married men with their high suicide rate, focus on that issue closely instead of diminishing the values of the problems of married women. Talk about their high suicide rate -- and NOT propagate against whatever media coverage women get. Spread awareness about married men suicide rate -- and NOT object whatever problems women have.
Being cynic never helps.
Hope this answers your question.


sales | Posted on

I have seen some of the men suicided due to mental torture, not on financial issues...

no man will write a letter while suiciding that he was suiciding due to her torture...

I am not against women... nowadays things are changing...women literacy rate increased and they can live on their own...(of course, there may be exceptional cases)

in 1970s literacy rate of women is less that time they are tortured and harassed more...

now very less when compared to before but media would zoom things if it was related to women or children for TRPS...

I don't mean that Media should not cover women issues...but, the problem is they only show their problems...there are cases in another way around which are not shown into the limelight by media as they won't get TRP ratings...

I personally feel the court should not be more liberal towards of now, things are improvised...

did any media portrayed men problems with wives...they would only show one side of the coin...

even now torture and harassment on women existed but these things happening not only in India ...this is happening everywhere...

long back dowry system was very problamatic...even now in some places it existed but not much...

so, things are changing for the women better need to be more liberal on women in the judicial system...

if we see Mohmmad shami case, his wife complained against him about harassment, extramarital affairs and match-fixing which was not proved. I am not here to judge them and explain who is right and who is wrong...

(The Supreme Court-appointed COA had asked its Anti-Corruption and Security Unit led by Neeraj Kumar to investigate the allegations made by Shami’s wife that the pacer took money from a Pakistani girl. They later gave him a clean chit.

BCCI also informed the Kolkata police that Shami did visit Dubai for two days in February. The BCCI top brass maintained that they will not sit in judgement about Shami’s personal life. Shami was also given a clean chit by BCCI. He has been given a Grade ‘B’ annual contract, which will make him richer by Rs 3 crore.)


as per court, some of her allegations on him are not true...

my point here is, there are chances that she is misusing liberal rules in the judicial system...

as it was Mohmad Shami who is popular cricketer we are thinking in another way around too...

but, in general, we bluntly believe whatever media shows ...