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Most Popular Indian Breads: Ranked from Worst to Best


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Do you like to eat bread? Well, there is hardly anyone who does not eat bread. For example, young stars love to eat sandwiches made of bread if they feel hungry without even knowing the quality of bread. We can even take the example of breakfast. Almost everyone starting from kids to elders is served with bread toast or bread jam or anything else. Have we ever thought about the quality of ingredients with which these breads are made? But now the time has come when we all should think about it.

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Well, there is not one or two types or brands of bread available in the market. There are numerous. Do you have any idea about the healthiest bread in the market? Well, there are some which are the best, some are good while some are stuffed with unhealthy ingredients. Do not worry we will solve all the queries related to the quality of bread. Here is a guide about 30 selected breads that have been ranked from the worst to the best in 2021. Here the breads are categorised into 4 different

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Category 1: White breads of brands like Mother Dairy, English Oven, Harvest Gold, etc.
Do you know what exactly these breads contain? Well, you may be surprised to know that these breads do not contain anything beneficial for your health. Rather these contain 100% maida, refined vegetable oils, emulsifiers, additives, preservatives, regulators, and many such unwanted ingredients. But the fact cannot be ignored that these are the brands that are sold the most. We the public use these breads every day in our diet. But the truth is the consumption of these breads must be strictly prohibited to remain healthy. Yes, it is shocking but reality.

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Category 2: Brown bread of brands like English Oven, Britannia, Mother Dairy, Atta breads and multi-grain breads of English Oven, herbs & seeds bread of Bonn.

These breads assure that they are healthy for your digestion and have many other health benefits but the reality is something else. If you turn back the packaging of these bread where the ingredients are written, you will find only the content of maida in these breads.

These brands of breads have also tried to confuse the consumers by the use of different packages for the breads having similar ingredients. Because consumers want quality products and not a variety of packaging. Right! Moreover, these breads also contain preservatives, food colors, and additives that further harm your health.

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Category 3: 100% whole wheat bread of Bonn, English Oven, Britannia, La Americana, All wheat breads of Bonn, Harvest Gold, Britannia

These commercial breads are comparatively less harmful to your health. However, some of them do contain some amount of maida, food color, additives, and refined vegetable oil.

Do you need to choose any one of these breads? Then your first choice must be La Americana due to the absence of preservatives, second should be All wheat breads of Harvest Gold due to less content of additives. The third should be Bonn. The fourth and fifth must be Britannia and English Oven.

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Why do brands need to add preservatives and other ingredients in the preparation of bread?

You may think that it may not be possible to prepare these breads without these additives, colors, and so on. But it is not the fact. Because bread is undoubtedly possible to be made without these harmful ingredients. But still, these ingredients are added to increase its shelf time, reduce the preparation time, make it soft, and so on.

Well, these are named commercial breads as they are meant for only making money and not to provide any of the health benefits.

Category 4: Now let us discuss the best bread that could benefit your health. Yes, there is still doubt because the whole wheat bread of Bakers Dozen, Paushtaa, The Cocoa Company do contain emulsifiers, additives, and so on but in very little amount. Yes, they have indeed made every effort to make healthy bread for the consumers.

If you want bread completely free of emulsifiers, additives, maida, food color, and so on, here is an easy bread recipe for you:

Note the ingredients:

1.300 grams of whole wheat flour.
2.Mishri powder
3.Instant dry yeast
4.Rock salt
5.Lukewarm water

Now make some space in the middle of the 300 gms of whole wheat flour in a big bowl. Then add mishri powder, rock salt, dry yeast in the middle, and mix all these well with lukewarm water. You can add 2 teaspoons of oil if needed. Then form a soft dough. Take 100% soft glassware and place the soft dough in it properly. Grease it properly with oil. Also, remember to grease the glassware with butter or oil before placing the dough evenly. Keep this in a warm place so that it doubles in size.

Now sprinkle some sesame seeds all over the top of the positioned dough. Now take a karahi, heat it at high flame and then put enough rock salt with a small bowl in the middle. Then cover the karahi and let it preheat for about 10 minutes. Now Open the cover and place the mold over the bowl. Now again cover it and allow it to bake for a time till it turns golden brown. Insert a toothpick to see whether it comes out clean. It is an indication of its proper baking. Then allow it to cool. And carefully unmold it and enjoy the whole wheat bread full of healthy benefits.


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