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My budget is 5 lakhs Which car should I buy?


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In recent times, a lot of budgetcarshave come up in the Indian marketthat cost lessthan Rs5lakhs. In fact, to caterthe middle-class consumers, more brands are working hard to launch high-performance cars in the 3-5lakhsrange.So if you’re planning to buy a nice ride,you will get plenty of options.

My personal favoriteis HyundaiGrandi10. It is one of the best in this range with priceof around Rs4.8lakhs.Its look is simply outstanding, exuding a sophisticatedfeel thatqualifies it to be in the premiumcategory.The specifications are slightly above the market standard. There are 5 speed manual transmissions. It gives the mileage of19.77 km per litre. Also with driver front airbag, it has manual AC with heater that ensures every ride is extremely comfortable.

Next best option is Chevrolet Beat that costs around Rs4lakhs. It’s much spacious, ideal for families. The overall look is cute andclassy.However, it is the inside appearance and aesthetic of this car that winhearts. The seats are extremely comfortable.It gives a mileage of18.6 Km per litre if runningon Petrol. On Diesel, it gives a mileage of 25.44Km per litre.

Another great choice in your budget is Tata Tiago. If you want higher durability, this piece of beauty is what you should go with.It can cost you anywhere aroundRs4.60 lakh.It gives the mileage of27km litre.One of the interesting features ismulti drive modes. The interior of the car is just asclean andclassy as its exterior.It promises to deliver you a safe and comfortable ride.

If you can go slightly above yourbudget, Ford Figo Aspire is one of the best options under Rs10Lakhs. It costs about Rs6.5lakhs.The car is a complete piece of beauty that reek extravaganza from every angle. The engine is powerful, mileage is great. Andit has good safety features to ensure you not only ride in classbut alsoremain safe in all your journeys.



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Maruti Suzuki Alto. This small yet successful car comes in two variants 800 cc .


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Although your budget is very tight, but no worries, a lot of car manufactures these days offer a good range of affordable cars in the price bracket of Rs. 5 lakhs.

1. Kwid 1.0

Price-3.0 lakhs onwards

Mileage- 23km/l


A recent update to the older Kwid gives you more power and the car comes with a 1.0literengine that still manages to score well on the mileage card.

2.Hyundai Eon

Price- 3.28 lakhs onwards

Mileage- 21.1 km/l

Hyundai Eon

Hyundai's Eon is a great option in the entry-level hatchback segment. The cars interiors is a big plus for in this segment. Considering the low price, this car attracts a lot of buyers.

3.Tata Tiago

Price- 3.35 lakhs onwards

Mileage- 23.84km/l

Tata Tiago

Tata's new Tiago is very affordable option for consumers who don't want to comprimise on power as well as looks. One of the most promising cars from Tata, Tiago comes with a 1.2liter engine that delivers an ample 84bhp @6000rpm.

4.Wagon R 1.0

Price- 4.21 lakhs onwards

Mileage- 20.5 km/l

Wagon R 1.0

One of the most commonly spotted Maruti cars. It is a popular option among the mid-income group since its launch in 1999.

5. Ignis

Price- 4.66 lakhs onwards

Mileage- 20.89 km/l


Last but not the least, this car is turning heads everywhere it goes. Ignis has become one of the most buying cars in its segment and with Maruti tag attached to it, you can go for it sure under the price bracket of Rs. 5 lakhs.