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Names of global gaming events?


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There is an exact and adequate amount of spices in the dish of Gaming. When it's comes to all around the world competition, gaming becomes more than the happily existing fun. More so the winners of the event are awarded with hefty amount of money.Some of the Global Gaming Events are listed below. Though for a thorough analysis look for this on Wikipedia. It has bulk of information for gamer(s) around the country and even around the globe.

1) Esports BAR Cannes

There is a hierarchical management, a 3 day dip in creativity and technology at its best.From business to sponsorship to broadcasting and marketing, you ask them a question and they already have the material ready.

Mark your Date -12th February 2019

Place - Cannes, France

2) Playthrough 2019

Playthrough will be a 2 day gaming convention debuting in Raleigh, North Carolina. Though this event is being organised for the third time but the company has enough in its magic bag to attract the crowd.Mark your date - 30th and 31st March 2019

3) GameDev Days 2019

All you ever wanted to know about networking and servers at one place, organised and from the source itself.Mark your date -11 April 2019 

Place - Kultuurikatel. Põhja puiestee 27a, Tallinn, Estonia

4) DragonCon 2019

It is everything from Superheroes to world class villains like Thanos. Do I need to tell you more?

Mark your date - 29 August 2019

Note - They have a membership point of view too.

5) Mandatory Note - PAX Convention and Exhibition Centre

It all began in Seattle and it is a series of gaming and cultural events that involve tabletop, arcade and even video gaming. This event is spread yearly and all through the globe. From Seattle, Massachusetts, Philadelphia to Melbourne all the way. 

Look for authentic information on their website.

Some other Global Gaming Events

A) In July 2019 - China Joy 2019, China

B) Armageddon, New Zealand

C) In May 2019 - CanGames, Ottawa Ontario

D) Penny Arcade Expo 

E) MineCon - Orlando, Florida in November 2019


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Apps World. CeBIT. Computex. GMIC. Social Media Week


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SaikoroWars – Paddock Halls, Bahrain International Circuit, irregularly


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