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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Other than banning plastic, what can be done on World Environment Day ?


First of all, Wish you a Very Happy Environment Day! This auspicious day is always celebrated on 5 June in the world. It is also called Eco Day, Environment Day, WED. The World Environment Day is celebrated due to the United Nations Principle to encourage the awareness and protection of an environment.


The theme for 2018 World Environment Day is, ‘Beat Plastic India’. I can proudly say, whose host Nation is India. The main motto behind this is to reduce the use of plastic in day to day life. We should liberate our Natural places, Wild life from the plastic.

Banning Plastic is not all for the environment day, you can do a lot to support and protect the environment as:

●     Growing Plants : There is nothing wrong in cutting trees and doing construction because due to growing population we all need place to survive but while we cut a tree we should take responsibility to grow 2-3 more plants for the compensation.

●     Regular Swachhta Abhiyan: Swachhta Abhiyan should not be occasional. It should be done on daily basis. Garbage should be thrown UN bins only otherwise fine should be charged. Each and every one should be responsible enough.

●     3 R's: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. These 3 steps sums up the good environment.


So, this very day we all should take a pledge to contribute to the environment in the best possible way. 


Blogger | Posted on

1. Arrange street rallies and parades

2. Tree planting

3. Clean-up campaigns

4. Share ideas and activities for making our world cleaner, greener, and brighter.

5. Promote World Environment Day through social media

6. Collect recyclable items to reduce waste.

7. Organize a film festival which emphasize eco-issues

8. Organize exhibition

9. Raise money for eco charity

10. Increase awareness among people in your community

11. Support use of public transportation to reduce our environmental impact


Environment Lover | Posted on

Humans have, from times immemorial, been the primary cause of disturbing the environment. The environment has been a topic of great concern because of the increasing human activities which have degraded the quality of life and endangered flora and fauna. Various initiatives and measures have been taken by the government to create awareness among people to understand the importance of a clean and sustainable environment. The world environment day is also one of those ways to promote awareness among individuals. It is celebrated every year on 5th June and has different themes underlying it. This day is celebrated all over the world to protect the environment and its components and make individuals realise the impact of their activities on the ground and what measures can be adopted on an individual level to promote sustainable development.

We as responsible citizens of the country can contribute mainly to our Mother Nature which has been kind and given us so much. The significant problems underlying the environment are pollution, urbanisation, global warming, climatic changes, etc. All these have drastically disturbed the balance of the atmosphere and its components. We can keep playing our bit by doing small acts which can protect the environment. However, there is no such particular day to contribute to nature. But on the special occasion of world environment day, we can adopt such practices that help to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Things to be done on world environment day

The very basics that we can do are planting trees. We can start by planting a tree at our home and encourage other people to plant trees around as they have immense benefits. It will provide good clean air to breathe and promote greenery all around. The people can adopt a tree and give it a name and post it on social media which helps in encouraging people to take such initiatives and help the environment.

We can create awareness among people by running campaigns and educating people on the importance of protecting the environment. The children should be taught this in the school and should participate in the tree plantation activities. Social media is a great tool these days. Posting your selfies with a tree or doing some environment, friendly activities will encourage and create awareness among others to contribute their bit to the ground.

Using water efficiently is also very necessary. Water is already a scarce resource, and it requires proper conservation techniques so that the water can be saved for future generations. Turning the taps off when not in use, using only the amount of water required and not wasting here and there all these will help in saving this natural resource.

Building a small garden or a farm at your home if you are lucky enough to have an adequate amount of space. Grow fresh fruits and vegetables at your home and use them. This will help you connect with nature closely, and you will have something new to try.

Head to the website of world environment day and check out the theme for the year. Also, check out activities planned and how you can participate in the same. Read and research about how this day has been celebrated for years and what part other individuals have played.

Adopting an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to living is also a big step in creating a sustainable and healthy environment. This will also encourage others in the neighbourhood to follow the same path.


Various measures and practices can be adopted on an individual level to promote sustainability and contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment. Apart from banning plastic, such practices can be done as responsible citizens to make a big difference in society.