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sachin ogeninfo

@letsuser | Posted 31 Aug, 2018 |

Please say Spamming Checker Tool ?

@ | Posted 01 Sep, 2018

Being a blogger is certainly not easy. More than often you are receiving unnecessary and irrelevant comments on your blogs, which advertise themselves treating your blog more as a medium and less as a reading and information imparting rendezvous.

So here’s is a list of the best spamming checker tools which can make your life a little easy and spam-free.

1. WordPress Referrer Bouncer: This tool is works for WordPress sponsored blogs, bouncing back the referrer spams and never let them reach you.

2. Protect Web Form: This tool helps you to design your own captcha, which commenters have to decipher before commenting on your blog.

3. Worst Offenders: This spamming checker tool supplements spam identification which makes it easier for you to spot the spammers.

4. Comment Timeout: This tool is used to time out the comment box on your blog. It notifies the users before the closure of short spanned discussion but keeps the long ongoing discussions open, to encourage the user engagement.

5. Math comment protection: This asks the commenters to solve a simple math problem, before they proceed ahead on your blog. These problems can only be solved by humans, and hence no bot can spam your comment box.

Apart from comment spam, one more painful spamming activity is that of email spamming. All of us are tired of unwanted mails filling our inbox. This results in the important mails not reaching the users and the users spending a lot of your time in deleting the junk. In all this, we certainly would not want our mails not reaching the intended recipients and ending up in the spam box.     

By using Email spam checker tools like Email on Acid and Mailgun you can ensure the delivery of your mails to your intended recipients without landing into the spam box and getting deleted. These tools help you by checking your IP addresses or domain names against common blacklists.

It also check your mails and subject lines to ensure you do not end up being labeled as a spammer. These tools also give you suggestions to tweak your content accordingly.