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10 Awesome Ways To Get The Most Out Of Windows 10


Windows or Mac OS?

10 Awesome Ways To Get The Most Out Of Windows 10

Many of my friends invested in sleek and attractive laptops we commonly refer to as MacBook or MacBook Air. Not that I do not want to but my pocket does not allow me to invest in an asset as luxurious as the MacBook yet. Anyhow, the other day my friends had gathered at my crib to work on a project when my laptop refused to process an information for my friend that she was trying to look up on Google. The MacBook owner started blaming my hp and the Windows. After minutes of the blame game, it turned out that I had not paid for my Xfinity Internet Plans. Hence, the inconvenience.

Although the detectors us successfully figured out the problem, the Mac OS vs. Windows debate continued. It was then that I enlightened my friends with these awesome features of Windows 10:

Virtual desktop

A very bragged about the feature by Mac OS users is the ability of the operating system to allow them to run multiple desktops concurrently. Microsoft couldn’t stand its users being ‘bullied’ so guess what the company did? If you think that Windows 10 has been updated with the same feature, you are RIGHT! Whether it is your friends’ holiday pictures or the many excel sheets that you want to consult simultaneously, virtual desktop got your back!

Befriend Cortana

Cortana might be an acquaintance to you, if not a friend but I am sure you are familiar with this intelligent assistant by Microsoft. If there is anyone of you who is alien to the whole ‘Cortana’ concept, first of all, how on Earth? And second of all, let me tell you that it is Microsoft’s version of Siri or Google Home. So, Cortana listens to your voice and follows your command. Isn’t she sweet? (and yes I just assumed Cortana’s gender). Anyway, She will help you search for the information you want to retrieve without causing inconvenience to your fingers.

However, there are 2 things to remember:

  • You need to shout ‘Hey Cortana’ for her to respond to you (Cortana’s very specific about the way her name is called)
  • Repeat the six phrases that Cortana gives you before she starts recognizing your voice

Xbox One or PC?

Good news for the gamers out there!

Microsoft 10 has integrated with its gaming console (Xbox One). This feature enables you to beam the titles from your console to your laptop that is sitting in another room. Although it operates like Remote Play, it is far better than it.

Updates installed at your convenience

Although Windows 10 will force you to accept the update to the operating system that is pending, you can very conveniently delay the process for up to six days.

You just need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Click ‘Updates and Recovery’
  3. Select ‘Notify to Schedule Restart’


Assuming that many Windows 10 computers have touchscreens, this feature can be quite fun to play around with. To doodle, go to the newly introduced Edge browser, tap the icon with the pen and paper in that bar, select the pen that you like and start doodling!

Here’s a trick- if you hold the pen for some time, the screen will display a variety of hues and different pen sizes for you to choose from.

Enjoy doodling!

Your feedback counts!

This new ‘Feedback’ feature introduced by Windows 10 allows you to search for possible solutions you might be facing with the operating system, give the Windows team a feedback or give your advice on an existing issue that others might be facing.

However, you will have to sign up to a Microsoft account for this. But it will be worth it!

Faster updates

You can do so by utilizing peer-to-peer tech. Go to the ‘Updates and Recovery’ menu. Tap the ‘Advanced Options’ toggle. Choose ‘Updates’ from more than one place to ‘on’.

Tada, you are ready to download updates quickly and efficiently.

Selective backup

Windows 10 has made lives easy by enabling the users to work with files that they have stored on OneDrive cloud.

Go to the ‘OneDrive Files on Demand’ tool. The tool will assign a desktop folder to you where you will be able to view all the folders that you have stored in your cloud file. While these files are nothing but placeholders, you can always specify the file from this folder that you wish to open on your desktop.

Integration between phone and PC

Kudos to Microsoft for coming up with a feature as helpful as this. This feature not only allows you to answer text messages from your PC but enables you to sign in to Windows 10 from your mobile instead of plugging in a password. Apart from that, the users can transfer files from the phone to their PC.

Cool, isn’t it?

Recover files

Windows 10 enables its users to revert to the original/older version of their file by saving multiple copies of their file. However, you need to enable this feature by clicking on ‘Settings’, selecting ‘Update and Security’ and choosing ‘Backup.’ You can then select the external drive you wish to save a backup version of the file in.

Although all the new features are terrific, my favorite is the last one. I have gone through the pain of losing original documents many times. And anyone who has been through the same knows the struggle. And I am a staunch believer of the fact that whenever a deadline is nearing or an assignment is due, something has to go wrong. Sometimes the internet Spectrum Internet in my case) will start posing problems. At other times, the hard disk will start throwing tantrums.