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Satindra Chauhan

| Posted on | science-technology

10 best live streaming platforms


Live streaming is like mention the media at the same time. Which is broadcast online audio and videos throw the internet. Here is transmit the media platform which is recorded that time which allows the audience listen to the video and audio. Live streaming is the technology that shares the video there audience like tv you connect with your device mobile also and watch the favorite shows. Live streams offer a variety of topics from social media to games to sports other platforms like Facebook Live and Bilibili as well as.


10 best live streaming platforms

How to make a good Live stream 


  • Keep the set up the simple way and updated also 
  • Always have backup equipment available 
  • Extra time management for audio and video also. 



These all options are very helpful for how to make good live streaming work without any trouble and successfully worked and provide the best live streaming experience to the users with the audience also. 


Is it safe to live streaming? 


When we use this kind of live platform so we should always little careful. Because some high profile causes also mention it So little bit careful to use live streaming platforms because here 

is some risk also and safety precautions always use where we use live platforms to our safe way. 


Here mention the 10 best live streaming platforms step by step.


1 Livestream


This platform is also amazing for live streaming option because here you can use these inputs like cameras, smartphones, webcams, and camcorders. This broadcast platform offers so many varieties of features like video tools, sharing tools, other options also for use perfectly in the platform for work better for their audience. 


2 Dacast


 This is a well famous platform for streaming and this is a very demanded platform in audience and audience like this platform very much. This is a platform famous for popular professional group professionals. This is highly used for high levels conferences. 




This platform allows users to Broadcast their events online there is mention so many buttons are available to use it. And enhance the live stream events to the best quality to provide audience as well as. 

4 IRIS ( Bambuser)


IRIS offer to help live stream to all impressive directly from their DV camera. Computer, webcam, mobile phone also. Bambuser used to live stream videos mainly WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook also. 


5 Younow


You now is also one of the famous platforms to live social to a platform that is use for broadcast

there favorite videos and audios provide to audience to enjoy the platform and user’s can use it very well and this option is also best for audience. Their favorite shows and videos people are give the ratings also for this live stream platform 


6 . Periscope


Periscope is a live streaming application that is directly connected to Twitter. You can access replays continuously for 24 hours and delete any time to anything whatever users want. . users can show the videos to the audience and targeted them as well. It is available to free also 


7 Facebook Live


Here you can share the content with the audience whatever is useful and grab the audience's attention as well. The best part of the option here is you can connect with the public and viewers any time and also get notifications related to followers and any other updates. You can check any time 


8 YouTube


YouTube live is a fantastic option for live streaming every one using YouTube and here we can communicate with the audience with chat and live tools also and other hands we can share the views and thoughts also 


9 Twitch


 Twitch is also a popular live streaming platform as which is other than demand. This is directly connected with pc provide access all platform with live streaming user’s can enjoy to free this expensive platform 



10 Brightcover


 This site is very common for mid-level businessmen. Bright cover extremely supports mobile web applications, iPhone, iPad as well as. This is very helpful for enhancing the quality to live streaming quality and prove the best live streaming platform as well. It offers the best videos management tools to provide the quality of the video for marketing purposes. You will be able to grab the 100 templates, playing list to import videos creations as well as 





Well, today I am sharing the live streaming platforms and on these platform helps full for all audience like professional and business, sports and other also and the all live streaming options based on the audience choice and collects all the information according to user's audience interest. So the audience enjoy the live streaming.