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Dipali Roy

Student | Posted on |

10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Depression


Depression is a serious mood disorder. It affects how a person feels, thinks and handles their daily activities. The symptoms should last for at least two weeks, for a person to be diagnosed with depression.

10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Depression

Here the 10 easy steps to get rid of this deadly disorder.

1. Relax- The first step should be to stay in a relaxing mood. One should take a deep breath and stop panicking. It is important to get rid of negative thoughts that make one think that he or she is depressed.

2. Change Cognitive Behavior– The emotional part of the brain starts reacting to the stress chemicals and produce pain. Hence, the sufferer should re-power the thinking part. This can be done with cognitive behavior.

3. Think Something Positive- Switching of thoughts is the next important thing to do. The best way to think something else is to choose some thoughts that will not lead to any depressive thoughts.

4. Do Some Constructive Activities- Brain always thinks of something which is the dominant activity of that moment. Thus, indulge yourself in some constructive activities.

5. Concentrate On What You Are Doing- The problem that commonly arises is the loss of concentration. So, it is important to keep choosing neutral thoughts again when you lose concentration.

6.Aware Of Early Signs Of Depression- Be aware of the early warning of the depression. Choose to step aside when you find one such feeling approaching you.

7. Do Some Physical Activity- Indulge your brain in some physical activity Brush your teeth, take a jog and at times smile. Not because you’re happy but to relax your tensed face muscles.

8. Motivate Yourself– Look around for some task when you feel paralyzed by depression. Do what you decide to do, not what you feel like doing.

9. Use Your Neural Thoughts- Depression kills motivation. Use your neural thoughts and use it as motivation pill.

10. Don’t Focus On Feelings– Focus on behavior not necessarily on feelings.

Decide to do some physical exercise even if you feel it won’t work.