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rahul ShARMA

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10 Lovey-Dovey Things for Every Couple to Do in Pune


No matter wherever your soft spot beckons, here are 10 intriguing things you and your loved one can engage in around the city of Pune.

Eating out at La Bouchee d'Or

It welcomes you with its eclectic concoction of sumptuous and delightful pastries and bread. The delicious products are prepared meticulously with organic ingredients and served oven-fresh by the committed and friendly team. Enjoy a French coffee with your partner in this beautiful and quaint eatery. Explore what all other foodstuffs they’ve on offer and make the most of a passionate dating episode.

Taking long strides along Heritage Walks

Walk your ways full of excitement through the city’s ancient by-lanes, nooks and crannies. Team up with an informed guide who captivates you with fascinating stories of the by-gone era. Opt for any of the ancient, medieval or colonial walks and perk yourself up better informed and a little more fit.

Living it up with Roll Ball

Revel in a true-blue gaming experience with Roll Ball. It’s a zappy fast-paced game that fuses basketball, handball, netball and roller-skating all-in-one. Watching and following this game can be easy and exhilarating. Fun and good times couldn’t have stayed nearer with this unique form of recreation.

Charging up the nightlife at Swig

Bask in the merriment of a lively night at Swig. It’s the city’s undisputed den of songwriters and artists who perform for you. The jaunt hosts musical bigwigs such as Agnee and Midival Punditz and has grown in popularity over time. The jazzy and urbane ambiance can pep you up with frenzied rock-music or fervent Sufi melodies.

Galvanizing spiritual goals at Urban Ashram

This state-of-the-art wellness studio ushers you in with yoga, meditation and laughter therapy. The haunt is totally free-of-cost and welcomes everyone with open arms. Prefer it as a form of fitness mission and unwind or simply wallow in the everlasting silence and serenity.

Moreover, if you want to uplift your moods and feelings, you can book hotels in Pune that boast of avant-garde spas and wellness centers.

Raising the spirit with paragliding at Temple Pilots

This paragliding training and finishing school started nearly 14 years back offers varied scopes of thrilling escapades from courses meant for novices to flying workshops. If you crave for adventure, then the Summer Festival by Temple Pilots is the ideal event for you to participate in. The school run by an ex-Air Force fighter pilot weighs up personal safety its bottom line.

Trekking up to the imposing Rajgad Fort

Amidst the verdant forests of the Sahaydris lies the Rajgad Fort, the place where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj stayed for the longest period. The fort is a perfect haven for history-lovers and adventure-aficionados in equal measure. The awe-inspiring ramparts, the splendid architecture, irresistible sunsets and the gorgeous cityscape – can the brave and mighty-hearted brush aside the nice trekking trails lined along the lush forests?

Elevating spiritual levels at Osho Commune International

Founded by Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain, the ashram beholds landscaping marvels of idiosyncratic mansions, trailblazing architecture, Osho Teerth Park and emotion-charged Zen gardens. Its fame has crossed borders because of the soul-stirring meditation courses it bestows. Run off from the city’s hustle and bustle and stir up a rejuvenating experience amid the tranquility of its environs.

Gorging on yummy cheese in ABC Farm

This is the only cheese farm in Pune. Every year, the farm produces roughly 70 varieties of cheese ranging from mozzarella and gorgonzola to the mash-ups of wine, walnut, coffee, whiskey, raisin and cranberry. Leading hotels for unmarried couples offer a gratifying trip to this large-scale estate where you can lick your lips over several varieties of cheese and buy the ones you like most.

Guzzling traditional beer pints with Doolally

This is by far Pune’s most popular micro-brewery that preens itself with beers to suit your palette and choice. Doolally Brewing Company excels in time-honored assortments from Apple Cider, Rauchbier and Oatmeal Stout to Belgian Witbier, Kolsch and Hefeweizen. Brewed in little batches, this place has them all. If you’re a beer lover, tuck into some of the iconic ones, home-grown and with exotic appeal.