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Pranav Jha

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10 Reasons Why Bollywood Is Giving Priority To WebSeries


A couple of years ago, nobody knew about Web-series, and then the better internet services in India introduces us to another version of entertainment. The Web Series. Nowadays, the coronavirus Pandemic also boosts Indian filmmakers to go to make web series instead of movies.

Here, we give you 10 reasons why Bollywood is giving priority to web series, and we also cover the way web series is getting popularity among Indian masses.

1. Easy for independent Filmmakers

Releasing a movie is a tough work especially to find a distributor. This is probably the reason that producers are not willing to take risks with new directors and give them theatrical release. However, digital platforms are blessings for independent and small filmmakers as they can release their movies on platforms. It is seen that most of the unreleased movies are getting released these days.

2. Stories on each topic

We all have seen Bollywood, Hollywood, and all the film industry getting stereotypical with their content. For instance, Hollywood is famous for saving the world from aliens and other species. Bollywood loves to make romantic and Police Cop stories a thousand times.

These web series are created on every topic, from gang wars to a couple of things. Moreover, all the web series has an equal chance of getting popularity.

3. No big stars needed

Khans are popular in Bollywood and they have created a fanbase. However, the web series world is different from the cinema. In the web series world, Sumit Vyas and Salman Khan are the same. People will watch the content they like irrespective of who is playing what role.

4. Film stars are promoting

We believe it can’t be popular if Bollywood boycott it. The future of Indian web series came into existence when Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui featured in Netflix’s Sacred Games. Now, all the famous Bollywood actors are coming with a web series like Sushmita Sen in Aarya, Emraan Hashmi in Bard Of Blood, and many more.

5. No censorship

Some filmmakers and fans love the platform only because there is no censorship. Most of the web series came with abusive content and appealing content. In sacred games, there was a lovemaking scene. Furthermore, Ram Gopal Varma said, he never shows us the Mumbai Mafia story because of censorship for Indian films, now web series gave him opportunities to make Guns and Thighs.

6. Worldwide distribution

If a movie released in a certain country then its audience is limited, but when movies or web series stream in a certain platform, it gets the worldwide audience. This is the reason that most of the unconventional Indian stories rose to fame as the whole world sees it.

7. A successful formula

Web series is getting popularity in India, but it was not started in India, there were tons of web series and they are liked by many people before Vikram Bhatt released Maaya on YouTube platform in episodic form. Later on, Alt Balaji came up with its app and 6 gripping shows.

8. Acceptance from the Indian Audience

The major reason web series are prioritized by Bollywood is that people are accepting it and they are continuously watching the shows. Fans loved the Sartaaj Singh, Munna Bhaiya, Kaleen Bhaiya, and many other famous characters from the various shows.

9. Too Many Digital Platforms

The growing industry became huge when most of the companies started their streaming channels. For example, Amazon started Amazon Prime Videos, Apple started Apple TV, and Disney started Disney plus. And not to talk about Indian platforms that are growing day by day. Little you know that most of the digital platforms are now trying to get the Indian viewers so they are coming with dozens of Indian original shows every year.

10. Future of World Cinema

Most of the famous directors have criticized the business model of Netflix and they believe theatre cinemas give greater and bigger experience than watching a movie on the phone. However, the internet is changing the world rapidly, and cinema halls are already shut because of coronavirus pandemic. It looks like the audience left with no choice but to get membership in these streaming platforms.