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11 things youd find in a stylish man Bonford India


When you see a man looking suave, you immediately think how effortlessly his outfit has been put together. But there’s nothing easy about his look. Nobody is born stylish, and it takes years to perfect your style but i know you don’t have that kind of time. Therefore i’ve listed 11 things that stylish man adheres to, which would surely add grace to your day to day wardrobe.

#1 He wears everything with confidence - No matter what you’ve put on, if you wear it with confidence, nobody would dare question your choices. Wrong decisions can turn right, the moment you carry those decisions forward with pride. So be proud with what you’ve got on, because the only person who can make you feel ashamed of your outfit is you.

#2 He values quality over quantity - A classy man knows, it’s not the number of clothes that matter but the quality of clothes. Because a good quality expensive piece will last you thrice as long as its cheaper variation. A sophisticated man is also not cheap, because he realizes quality comes with a price and he’s ready to pay it.

#3 He knows good looks isn’t just about clothes - A dedicated man knows his body is a temple and he worships it on a regular basis. He’s a cardio man and probably have a spare change of clothes in the gym. Your clothes can only look good on you, if you’ve got the body to go with it.

# 4 He never mixes more than 3 colors - A classy man knows how to limit his colors. Anything more than 3 colors can make you look gaudy. This combination of three colors should have at least one neutral tone. For instance, blue suit with white shirt and red tie. If you’re going for something fancier or formal then 2 neutral toned items are a must like a black suit, white shirt and blue pocket square or tie.

# 5 He isn’t afraid of shopping - A classy man knows what he wants. Even if he doesn’t, he trusts the advice of his tailor and his conscience. Seriously, if your gut tells you that you look good and can pull it off, then you can. But if anything seems off about how you look in the clothes you’ve tried on, then things will only get worse from there. A gentleman enjoys the process of shopping, he knows it’ll be fruitful in the end.

# 6 He knows his fit - Men, especially Indian men have the tendency to wear clothes that are a size too big or too small. It’s either an oversized suit or a body hugging T-shirt, there’s no in between. The right size important if you want to get the best look out of your outfit. A little size variation can make you look shabby or vulgar.

# 7 He has got a scent - We all know of a man who, no matter what time, smells as though he’s just had a shower. Some men have a signature scent which defines them. A stylish man will always have an expensive signature scent attached to him. You should own your fragrance instead of the other way around. So that if anybody gets a whiff of the same scent, they are immediately reminded of you.

# 8 His shoe game is strong - A fashionable gentleman will always have good collection of shoes. He never downplays the importance of footwear. Right shoes at the right occasion can speak highly of you. A perfect wife, car and shoes can help turn a man into gentleman.  Your shoes should always compliment your whole outfit and never stand out. Classier more formal outfits should be paired with leather dress shoes, while jeans and T-shirts look best with sneakers.

# 9 He knows it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed - A fashionable guy will always stand out, not because of his impeccable clothing but because he never lacks. No matter what the occasion, a stylish guy will play it safe and never dress casual. Infact his casual looks are also well thought of. Your style should be constant and effortless.

# 10 He takes care of his clothes and shoes - A real man knows that things only last if you take care of them. Stylish men keep their clothes laundered and ironed at all times, even a crease can set them off. The shoes gets as much attention as the clothes. A stylish gentleman never looks below leather. His leather shoes are waxed and polished to make sure that wherever your eye lands, it stays there and appreciates.

# 11 He limits his accessories - A man who knows and understands fashion, knows that accessories matter. But he would never overplay his accessories. When styling accessories should be kept at a minimum of 3. Over Accessorizing has never made anyone look good.

So there you have it, 11 tenets of perfect styling. Imbibe these in your daily lifestyle and you’ll attract appreciation way more than you do now.