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Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted on | Science-Technology

20 years from now what are your tech predictions


Forget Flying Cars—Say Hello to (Cheap) Interstellar Travel in The Next 20 Years

Back in the days, when asked about how they envision future, people would talk about flying cars, human-like robots, house under the sea, and being at two places at same time. In fact, until a few years back, these were the same cliched futuristic answers that many would give. However, with how things are, it’s safe to say that we have successfully outmatched our own expectations and imaginations.

Self-sustained robots are already a reality. Didn’t you hear Sophia getting citizenship of Saudi Arabia? We already have many houses inside sea…

‘The Old Future’

We’re closer than ever to having flying cars with Uber, Google and other tech giants shelling big bucks to turn this idea into distinct reality. And not to forget the holograms, which, although not perfect, is actually quite cool; be in two different places at the same time. In short, these visions of tech-lashed future are now a passé. In the next 20 years, we’ll be inching to new heights that, once, was not only unbelievable but also unthinkable.

Travel to Mars

For once, most of us don’t even think about leaving our home country, let alone leaving the planet. (No, we’re not talking about dying!) In the coming years, a human can actually be living on Mars. With ambitions that of Elon Musk who plans to begin short trips to mars in the first half of 2019, interplanetary travel is not only possible in the next 20 years, but also be available at cheap for the middle-class families.

Unthinkable progress

Back home, hyperloop trains, flying cars, universal translators, teleportation devices—these are going to be the things of the past 2 decades from now. We would be dealing with entirely different beasts at the time. Then, scientists would be able to successfully increase the lifespan of humans by manipulation selected genes, we would have that Men-in-Black-like neutralizer in reality (imagine getting over breakups would become so easy), we would stride by leaps and bounds in the genetic modification area.

And here’s the coolest one that we’re looking forward the most—head-jack learning technology. You can plug these devices into the back of your head and can easily boost your learning capability to hyper-advanced level; if only these were available when we were in school.

Let’s Think Big

If all dots aligned perfectly, it’s safe to say that we’re standing at a stage where it’s imperative that, in order to encourage and adapt to progress, we build new ideas for your future. Our futuristic concepts from yesteryear have brought us a long way. But they have run out if their course. It’s time now to take up new ideas for our future. Thousands of researchers are working around the world to make interstellar travel possible. And with the pace they are striding, let the fact settle in that we could be living in mars in the next 20 years. Also, teleportation could, too, be a distinct reality.

So, now in 2018, forget flying cars. They are outdated ideas. Let’s think big. Starting by dreaming about head-jack learning technology. Because we’re already dreaming about it.

20 years from now what are your tech predictions