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2019 Super Bowl Commercial Recap


Super Bowl 53 was not astounding as far as score, plays, or anything about the genuine amusement itself, however for the New England swarm, despite everything it feels energizing to win.

Obviously, on the off chance that you know me, I didn't generally mind if Brady won his 6th ring. I was at the gathering for the sustenance and, similar to any great advertiser, the plugs.

(For those of you that care, we had a quite decent spread of applications, wild ox chicken sliders, and new brownies and espresso frozen yogurt to complete off the gala.)

Despite the fact that I'm for the most part at the gathering for the nourishment, I can't abstain from evaluating the ads also (don't we as a whole turn into the best conventional promoters for this one day?)

Along these lines, we should get geeky with the regular subjects during the current year, and obviously, my top choices and lemon ' list (since everybody has one).

Super Bowl Commercials: Common Themes

A few years, we're as amped up for plugs as we are a touchdown:

Effect Live 2019 Tickets


This year, lamentably, I was most certainly not.

By and large, it felt like a truly nonpartisan year for advertisements. There unquestionably were a not many that emerged, however as an aggregate, things fell truly level.

That being stated, there were a couple of topics and shared traits among them all.

Coordinated efforts

The greatest one that I saw directly off the bat was brand coordinated efforts both between two organizations or among organizations and individual brands.