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3 Questions a Person Might Have Regarding a Walking Cane


“Do you have doubts related to a walking cane or walking stick? Then here is this article for you. It will help you to get your queries cleared”.

Many people need to depend on a walking cane due to arthritis, injuries, and surgeries or just because of age. They need to depend on it for the slightest on movement and this is the reason why a cane should be chosen after certain considerations.

Now when it comes to buying walking sticks or canes, people might also have some doubts in their minds. They can be totally confused and clueless! I have come across many people in my life who are not at all sure about getting a Walking stick. They get more confused by the materials and styles available. With so many options out there such as elephant canes, lion canes, sword canes, etc, people just don’t understand what to choose.

If you ask me for a suggestion, then I would always tell you to go for wooden custom walking stickswith a beautiful silver or bronze handle. This is because it will not only ease your walk but would also boost your overall appearance. It is classy, sophisticated, elegant and absolutely stunning. It is more than a walking stick if it is a designer one – it is actually an accessory to flaunt.

However, if you still have some doubts in your mind, hopefully, they will be any of the three or all three mentioned below. To know, keep reading.

Can a walking stick serve your needs?

The first question that might be still lingering in your mind is that whether a walking stick can serve your purpose or not. Now if you have mobility issues, then your doctor would prescribe you to use one. But if it is severe mobility issues, then it might not be enough to support you.

People suffering from balance injuries, arthritis, low stamina or joint weakness in the legs or hips might be prescribed to use a walking stick.

Talk to your doctor in order to get a detailed understanding of the same. And be very careful while choosing your cane. Do not make budget the only criteria while choosing one.

What size do I need?

Well, you need to get it customized according to your height. If your designer canesare too tall for you or too short, then it wouldn’t be able to support you and might even worsen your pain. It is extremely unsafe to use a cane that is not apt for your height. Most canes are generally 37” but if you are taller or shorter than usual, then you need to choose the shop very carefully. Ask them if they can adjust it according to your height or not. If you get vague answers, then avoid the company.

Can I make a statement with a walking cane?

Yes, carrying a walking cane might be very depressing in the beginning. But that can be avoided by investing in a cane that looks and feels luxurious. Today, this mobility aid can also be turned into a fashion statement. If you love fashion or just want to have some fun, then make sure you buy a cane with a unique handle and superb finish.

And if you have the budget, the shed some more money and pick two to three to match every type of occasion and outfit.

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