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3 Tips to Increase Your Presence on Instagram

Blog: 3 Tips to Increase Your Presence on Instagram

Harris Scott

@ content marketing professional | | Science-Technology

Instagram is not merely an image or video-sharing platform. The social media site gives your business an opportunity to provide meaningful insights into your brand identity in a unique, artistic, engaging, and visual manner. Today, Instagram is the fast-growing social networking platform having 800 million visitors and more than 25 million company profiles and 2 million people advertising. Creating a profile on this picture-sharing site is not difficult, but growing your business presence considerably calls for your time and hard work. Therefore, if you are looking for boosting your company profile to a successful level, here are three of the most important tips to get you started:

1. Post the Best Content

Posting on your Instagram business profile does not mean that you use anything you like. Therefore, be extremely choosy with what content you would like to post. Maintain consistency, reliability, appeal, and visual approach for success on this social media platform. You may find an attractive image that you would like to share, but if the same does not relate to your brand, look for photos that evoke feelings about your niche business. For example, if you have an online store selling kid’s toys, use a happy looking child playing with his battery car instead of posting an image of a cute toddler sleeping on a cradle. Relevance matters when you post visual content on Instagram.

2. Embrace Brand Aesthetics

Looks and appeal matter the most on this photo-sharing platform. Therefore, you should espouse brand aesthetics to your business profile on Instagram and ensure that you stick to the same. This strategy will help you pique the interest of your target audience for your business, products, thus driving engagement. You can look up sites such as stormlikes.com to learn more about earning genuine likes and increasing your presence on social media sites. For instance, if you sell fashion products, you must choose glossy and tempting images. On the contrary, if you deal with lifestyle products, opt for brilliant and high-resolution photos. Do some research to find what works for your business, thus ensuring your feed attracts the right audience.

3. Include Boomerangs and Videos

Images are cool, but moving images, i.e. videos increase your brand presence and engagement rate by leaps and bounds. A unique feature of Instagram is ‘Boomerang’, which you can leverage to boost your brand presence and engagement. Include appealing videos to your profile on Instagram when rotating content periodically. Creating a Boomerang video is simple. Tap on the circle at the foot of your smartphone screen. Manage the video length by tapping and holding the circle. Finally, let go to stop recording the video. Share it on Instagram instantly. Remember to use appropriate hashtags for your videos. The correct ones can boost your video’s search significantly. Eric J Dalius


Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms to highlight your brand, and what products you offer. You may not become popular overnight on this platform, but with the right strategies, time, and hard work, you will grow your business presence on Instagram.