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4 Actionable SEO tips of 2018


We all know and agree to the fact that SEO is extremely crucial to digital marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most essential tools in digital marketing without which your online business might have trouble pulling off. It is the building block of a solid and strong online presence of any business and also the survival of what. All of these things are already known. But how to make the SEO of your website powerful? Well this is something not everyone is adept at. We have rounded down some of the most tried and tested SEO tips and tricks that we are sure will prove to be very much actionable for you too.

Tip # 1: Make use of Title Tag Powerups:

Well, this has proven to be pretty handy for SEO. What you have to do is use ‘Title Tag Powerups’ to attract people to click on your link on the search engine. When you use this tool, more people will click on your website on the search engine. According to the several experiences tried by most recognized SEO agency in Pakistan , Powerups increase organic traffic to a great many extent.

Tip # 2: Get rid of all the zombie pages:

Zombie pages are those idle pages on your website that to not really contribute in bringing any traffic to your website. They are just there without producing any benefits from their existence. So when you delete Zombie Pages, you have a chance to get higher rankings on Google and subsequently more Google traffic as a result.

According to one ecommerce website, they witnessed a 1% boost in search engine traffic when they cleared out their zombie pages.

Tip # 3: Add text content to your infographics

So when you began your SEO career, people might have told you how awesome it was to use visual content like infographics and podcast to achieve a substantial amount of traffic and backlinks. Yes, they work great. But what you have not been told is that Google cannot understand those content without the text on it.Hence it is best to add plenty of text to go along with your infographics. Moreover you should add them to your podcasts and videos as well.

Tip # 4: Get Links from Sites That Use Your

Visual resources

Do not allow your visual assets be used without any help in return. You could ask for links in return of all the chart, visualization, infographics or any other visual content used by any website. So if you use a lot of these visual content already and other websites are using them, you know what you have to do now. Trust us, you will have a plenty of backlinks up your sleeve to use. This has been tries and tested by a recognized Digital performance marketing agency.