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Rimi Mistry

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4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Get Nail Art This Durga Puja


“Planning for a unique look this puja? Visit a nail art studio in Kolkata today. Read the blog to know more.”

4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Get Nail Art This Durga Puja

The biggest festival of Bengal is here! Durga puja is just knocking at the door. Finally, it is the month of October. All the pandals in every locality are getting the last touch before the four days long festivity begins. When the club authorities are busy everywhere to do their fullest to make their puja the best, all the people living in Kolkata are already flooding the streets for puja shopping. After all, this is that time of the year when going a bit overboard with spending on amazing dresses, shoes, and accessories. Being the style diva you are, probably you are already done with your puja shopping and now planning what you will be wearing when. So, have you decided the looks? This is the time when you are also going for the exotic beauty treatments too. After all, you have to look your best this Durga puja 

So, when you are planning to unleash your glamour and elegance and blow everyone’s mind, have you thought of doing something unique this year? Well, I am telling you about getting nail arts this puja for yourself. On one hand, this will enhance your style quotient for sure. On the other, by creating a unique statement this is to make sure that you will stand from the crowd and look amazingly attractive. So, are you still wondering whether you should really drop by a nail art studio in Kolkata or not? If yes, then take a look at the following points to know more. I am sure these reasons will be enough to convince you why you must.

Unique Style Statement

There had been a time when sporting flashy nail paints used to be the fad. Then came the glitters. Last few years, it was the matte nail paints that were on a roll. This year, it is nail art and extension. Why these styles are so popular this year? Well, just like you, everyone is thinking of doing something different with their personal styles. And standard nail paints can make the nails look nice alright, they hardly can offer the unique charm that nail arts can do. So, for that reason, most of the women of different ages are trying nail arts this season.

Personal Style

If you are getting your nails done by the professional artists from the nail art spas in Kolkata , be rest assured, they will offer your nails a very different personal style that will surely match up to your taste as well as unique character. So, when you are thinking of getting your nails done, think of nail art. No matter whether you are a style icon or a tom boy, the professional nail artists will surely find the right suitable nail art for you.

Creative Touch

Who doesn’t love to add a touch of creativity to enhance their appeal as well as style quotient? Nail art offers that rare chance of adding a touch of creativity in your appearance. With stunning designs on your nails, minimal or elaborate according to your preference, you can surely look for unbelievable possibilities with your style statement.

Better Nail Health

Last but not the least, you cannot ignore the health of your nails. Remember, only the healthier nails grow stronger and glow brighter. The chemicals used in normal nail paints are not always safe for nails. However, the materials used for nail art and treatment are clinically tested and designed for a better health of your nails. So, undoubtedly, it is a better choice than the nail paints available in the market.

So, now as you know about these reasons what are you waiting for? Visit a nail art studio today.

Author Bio: Upasona is a beauty blogger and associated with a nail art studio in Kolkata. Here, she writes on why you must get nail art this puja from nail art spas in Kolkata.