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4 Design Mistakes that Startups and Small Businesses must Avoid in 2019


Everyone of us think of producing a product that can become the next iPod or iPhone and become a phenomenon.

Well, too good to be true, right? Because we already have iPod and iPhone, you need to come up with a novel idea or product for making it.

Among the many factors that can be the deterrent in making your innovative and make it a hit is its website. You need to put emphasis on it no matter what product or service you are about to market.

A responsive and attractive web design is the key to capture the viewer’s attention. But there some mistakes that are made even by renowned companies offering generic products.

That’s why a new firm or startup needs to be precise about them. I call them designing myths too as they are revered by many but actually hold little or no value these days.

In fact, they can do more harm than good to your product.

In the end, It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much of an idea about what is a digital agency and which web design agency you are signing on to help you out there, all you need to discuss the following aspects with them before they start the work on your website.

4 Design Mistakes that Startups and Small Businesses must Avoid in 2019

1. No Drastic Change is Needed

This aspect is not directly related to the design but have a significant effect in this regard. The need to upgrade your website, that includes both the hardware and software aspect actually has an impact on how detailed design and animation is there on your website. The up gradation process concerning the website is a constant one which goes on throughout the year. A website needs constant innovation and updating as it grows in terms of number of pages or data displayed on it.

So in order to keep up with the ever-evolving trends, it’s not just the design aspect which needs your attention but the overall website needs to be upgraded, hardware and software wise, to make sure viewers get the optimum experience while viewing it.

2. Don’t Spend Much on Splash Pages Now

The best way to make sure you can capture the eyeballs is not through snazzy graphics or an eye-catching video; It’s the content or precisely the offers you make on the homepage that can translate into good business.

As an owner of a new startup or a company struggling to break-even, the last thing you need is a splash page offering technical details to the visitors wasting their time, so precious for you as some of the visitors may leave the website thinking that their device is not compatible with your page.

So nowadays, its your content that speaks rather than technical and unrelated information that puts off most of the visitors on your website.

3. Exemplifying Exceptional Web Design

An apt combination of easy navigation and stylish design is the need of the day. There are many examples of a business website trying too hard with the graphics and fail miserably. You need to keep in mind that your primary purpose is to sell your product/service rather than anything else. So the graphics should be there but not easy navigation and information about your product should precede everything else and must be deal with on priority basis.

4. Designing Experiments

Please remember that you are running a business and its website should be according to the product it is promoting. It’s a not a children’s website offering sweets and candies.

Too much experiment pertaining to fonts, colors or layout can be disastrous for a business website. Startups with not much experience in this regard do blunders which damage their reputation quickly that is hard to mend.

So leave experiments like these in the hands of the experts offering web designing solutions to you.

Final Word

Like all other blogs and articles, this blog will not be perfected until I’ll get a feedback from readers like you. So do tell me about it and mention where I have lacked in this blog and what you like.

You can also ask any question about anything you find confusing or want to know more it. For a feedback or query, please leave your comments in the section below.