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5 Best GST software to ease up your tax filing


The introduction of GST affected all the business sections of the society in numerous ways. The calculation of tax for the accounts department has become tough. Small enterprises are suffering the most as they are failing to calculate the taxes.

Thankfully, GST softwares have made the calculation of taxes easier and helped to manage accounts in a convenient way. In the present time, every business organization needs an application which would lower the time and stress of calculating the tax. If you are running a business organization then GST software is a must-have resource.

5 Best GST software to ease up your tax filing

Business organizations that use a GST software avail several benefits. It aware the financial departments about the tax rates to be paid. It is useful for both medium and small-sized firms as it helps them to re-evaluate the strategy within a minimal cost. Paper calculations are too tedious. Thus relying on software is easy and safe. The filing of data and registration also become easier. The business firms can also customize the GST software based on their requirements. Above all, GST software prices are affordable, hence affordability is not a concern.

In case you are looking to buy a GST software, here is a list of the Best GST Software

Tally ERP9: It is the most popular GST software. It does not need an internet connection to perform the calculation. It helps the different-sized businesses to manage compliance and can be customized as per the business requirements. It manages the accounting, inventory and compliance seamlessly.

Business firms can approach the impact of finance and can take better decisions with the data. With this software, important decisions can be taken by analyzing the financial reports. It takes care that the data doesn't get split because of different tax systems. It provides a lot of features such as order processing of sales and purchases and such features can be enabled at any point of time. It allows businesses to create a different type of vouchers.

Price: Tally ERP9 comes in two versions: Gold and Silver. The silver edition serves a single user license and comes with a price tag of Rs. 18000/- excluding GST. Gold edition offers a multi-user license and comes with a price of Rs. 54000/- excluding GST.

MARG GST: MARG GST is a simple software that allows users to convert a bill into the required format. It also allows the bill to be sent via an email, saving plenty of time. It comes with business-specific features, cost-effective and does not need an internet connection to function.

Price: It comes in three different editions. Basic edition costs Rs. 7,200 for single user and Rs. 2500 extra per user. While the Gold edition offers access to unlimited users for Rs. 25,200.


QuickBooks: QuickBooks is a user-friendly and simple invoice and billing software. It also offers a cloud-based platform. It comes with a yearly subscription of Rs. 5000.


⦁ Easy to use for people who don't have accounting or finance background.

⦁ It integrates with MS excel making import of data easy.

⦁ It allows the businessman to keep a check in business through an automated system

⦁ It allows the user to customize their documents, spreadsheets and business plans.

⦁ No antivirus software is required and provides free upgrade versions.

ProfitBooks: ProfitBooks is a simple online accounting software, which keeps a track on the invoices, billing and provides inventory management. It comes in two versions - Professional planning for Rs. 6000 and SMB planning for 9000.


⦁ Can be integrated with the bank with instant one click support.

⦁ Provides security, data backup and restoration.

⦁ It comes with inventory and taxation management.

⦁ Cloud-based computation allows the data to be accessed anywhere and anytime.

ZOHO Books: ZOHO Books is also a cloud-based accounting software. It is an intuitive system with a smart and professional invoicing tool. It comes with an annual subscription of Rs. 7000.


⦁ It saves both money and time.

⦁ Provides simple invoice and billing.

⦁ No antivirus software is required.

⦁ Customizations are available.

⦁ Disk crash does not affect the data.