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Divya Vashistha

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5 Books To Read At Least Once In Your Lifetime


Books are the quietest but wisest counsellors and patient teachers for everyone. Some books have the power to inspire and motivate in difficult times while some take us to new worlds and enthral our mind, body and most importantly our soul. Books are companion to every human being, for some they are destination and for some they are journey. Some books are actually human’s best friend and are considered to be read once in lifetime for everyone, few of them are;

1) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho- This book by Paulo Coelho is among the international best-selling books in last 25 years. It’s a story of a young shepherd boy, who goes on a journey in search of treasure and ended up realizing his personal legend. During his journey he encounters many hurdles and obstacles and turns into an adventure. The Alchemist is about some important and inspirational lessons, learned by the young boy during his adventurous journey that changed his life forever.

5 Books To Read At Least Once In Your Lifetime

He realizes that he must always follow his heart, no matter what happens in life and chase his dreams passionately. This book teaches every one about the secret of life, like to overcome fears, get up every time you fall, simplest things are the most extraordinary ones, and personal legend is the true treasure.

It’s a must read book for those who want to see the world differently and for those who feel that their dreams will never come true.

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2) Rich dad poor dad- This book is written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in the year 1997. It became the revolution in personal finance book of all time. The book is based on the story of Robert’s father (poor dad) and his best friend’s father (rich dad) life and their ways in which both accumulated wealth and money. Both have worked hard but have different financial status. This book revolves around the income, finance, money and financial intelligence and explodes the myth of traditional concept of financing.

Rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad poor Dad has been translated in more than 51 languages in many countries across the world and was among the best sellers on New York Times for six years. Will Smith, the famous actor, after reading the book taught his son about financial responsibility and intelligence. People who want to learn about financial independence, about building wealth through investing and having money work for you to achieve financial success, this book is a must read.

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3) The power of your subconscious mind- It’s been rightly said that our mind is our strongest muscle, but our worst enemy too so train it well. Yes, it is very true in today’s dynamic world, where people are facing sufferings because their mind has started controlling them. A pessimist mind attracts negative things, so training the mind to see good in every situation is need of the hour. This book throws light on how our subconscious mind affects our daily routine, needs, habits etc. The author, Joseph Murphy, has described the power that our mind holds spiritually and scientifically both. As per science, our thoughts directly affect our body, and indirectly affect our environment, love life, financial life, work life and happiness ultimately (law of belief). Whatever thoughts we perceive around us whether negative or positive, becomes true and reflects in our behaviour. Author in this book focuses upon understanding the subconscious mind and reprogram it by rid of various phobias and negativity.

The power of your subconscious mind

It’s an ideal book to unwind your subconscious by seeing things completely change through positive energy and wisdom.

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4) Think and grow rich- Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill, is the grandfather of all the motivational literature work done till date. This self improvement book provides the reader 13 principles like desire, faith, decision, persistence etc. that powerfully summarizes the laws of success. This book is not something written on hypothetical thoughts, but it is a masterpiece created by interviewing over 500 millionaires to illustrate and understand their principles that helped them succeed in their line of work.

 Think and grow rich

The examples of these millionaires tells the story of their desires, faith, hard work, failures and their will power to stand firm to achieve something big in life.

This is a highly recommended book by many renowned motivational speakers and one of the best life changing books of all times.

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5) Bhagvada Gita- Everyone should definitely once in life read this Holy Scripture. This is not just a book, but a sacred collection of messages that are universally applicable to every human being. It is a narrative between Arjuna and Lord Krishna, where straight forward principles for life management are explained beautifully.

Bhagvada Gita

Everyone has sufferings in this world; the essence of this vedic knowledge is to deliver mankind and rehabilitate them and teaches us the righteous way to lead life. It’s itself a path that provides peace and contentment. It’s a must read for every individual of any religion, society, caste and creed.

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