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Lina Carner

Founder Digitalu | Posted on |

5 Content Marketing Tips Your Competitors Ignore—BUT You Shouldn’t


“Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left,” says Seth Godin. True as it may come, it’s incredibly fascinating how even today many businesses undermine content marketing, frantically chasing search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, and more with an individualistic scope.

If you aren’t clear on it already, here’s the biggest punchline of this article: Today, no form of marketing is complete without contents. So, if don’t have a thorough, well-defined and integrated content marketing strategy, you’re writing ‘FAIL’ all over your business—because your business, in the long-term, won’t survive and scale. Period.

In 2019, make some changes in your digital strategies and approach. To help you get the right start, here are 5 content marketing tips that your competitors continue to ignore BUT you shouldn’t anymore:

1. Create as much content as possible

Forget that clichéd “focus on quality and not quantity” tip. No longer quality sufficient. Today, you need to produce high-quality in large quantity. Meaning, you need to divert a large part of your resources in creating as much of contents as possible.

Of course, the contents must be valuable, targeted and engaging enough. To that, you must also be careful about their distribution, catering your target audience across different platforms, right from Medium and LinkedIn’s Pulse to Quora and website blog.

5 Content Marketing Tips Your Competitors Ignore—BUT You Shouldn’t

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2. Don’t treat ‘content’ equivalent to ‘text’

Traditionally, content is always looked at as something text-based. This isn’t true anymore. Its scope has gone beyond texts, to videos, images, infographics, and applications.

So, in 2019, don’t just obsess blogging. Also, create other forms of contents. Videos, in particular, should be at the top of your priority list. Why? According to Cisco, more than 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video by 2021. Meaning, investing big in video contents isn’t optional anymore—it’s essential. If you don’t. you will be left behind.

Create video contents and distribute them across different channels, including YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat and even emails to subscribers.

Don’t treat ‘content’ equivalent to ‘text’

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3. Personalization is the key

The web is spilling with an abundance of contents. Whatever article you’re writing right now, it’s likely there exist a better and bigger alternative to it that your target audience can always choose over yours. This is where personalization comes to a play a big role.

The key to effective content creation is when the readers feel “this content is written specifically for more”. And when they feel that, the chances of them trusting your brand and acting on your CTA surges higher.

So, create your customer persona and map a unique customer journey for each persona. And then create an editorial calendar, which is focused entirely on the unique needs and preferences of each persona on different customer journey stages. Again, your audience should feel that you have created a piece of content especially for them.

 Personalization is the key

4. Keep it conversion-focused NOT keyword-centric

Gone are the days when search engine optimization was all about keywords-optimization. While keywords are still prevalent, they shouldn’t sneak away from all your attention when you’re creating contents for SEO purpose.

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Understand that high-quality, helpful and in-depth contents are always rewarded by the search engines – who, today, factor UX signals more than ever – despite you obsessively optimizing them with keywords. This is why your primary objective with such contents should be to provide real value to the audience and drive direct conversion; do these and your organic metrics will usually be in the green.

The more your strategies are away from conversion, difficult will it be for your business to generate revenue.

Keep it conversion-focused NOT keyword-centric

5. Spend money on paid advertisement

Organic traffic still reigns. And as a proponent, I would always bet high on the organic result. However, this doesn’t mean one should sidestep the paid advertisement. To drive quick and short-term outcome, investing in paid ads could be a game-changer for you—especially if you’re thorough in your goals and channel-selection.

Besides, unless you’re good at generating organic traffic, even the best of your contents will fail to gain enough exposure. So, please, please, in 2019, don’t shy away from spending on paid ads to drive more traffic to your contents and, hence, make the conversion. Facebook paid ad program, as well as Instagram Stories ad, are highly under-priced today. If you’re smart in your approach, you’re almost guaranteed high ROI.

Spend money on paid advertisement