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Ahsin Sulmani

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5 easy ways to stop air pollution


Speaking of knowledge: WHO has stated that air pollution is the world's largest single environmental health risk. At Blueair, we want to spread awareness about its causes and consequences, for our planet as well as its inhabitants. But we also want to be a positive force: there are several things we all can do to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Here are five small things we all can start – or stop – doing. You have probably heard of them before: they are not rocket science. But rest assured that they matter and will make a difference.

1. Rethink transportation

Question the car culture! Carpool and rideshare when you have the ability to do so, and consider using public transportation or walking. If you have to drive, make sure you drive smart not to waste any gas.

2. Turn off lights and electrical appliances

The electricity that runs your lights and appliances is generated by emissions-producing coal or natural gas plants. Unplug when not in use.

3. Use recyclable products

Reusing, recycling and composting can have a big effect on your garbage output. That means less trash going into landfills, which are big sources of air pollution. Avoid plastic bags, and try to reuse paper bags.

4. Eat organic and locally produced food

Locally made food don’t have to get transported as far to get to you, which of course is good for the air.

5. Buy ENERGY STAR products

When you need new electronic products, make sure you always buy ENERGY STAR, as they have to meet certain requirements for energy savings.

What other simple ways can you think of? We’d love to hear of your tips and tricks in the comments below.