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Satindra Chauhan

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5 fabuolus examples of 1 minute explainer videos


Are you ready to invest in an explainer video but are seeking for some samples to get you started? Even in the year 2022, video marketing remains one of the most successful marketing strategies for bringing customers to your business.

You may be aware that explainer videos are a great way for most companies to convey complex issues to their consumers in a simple and engaging way.

Choosing the proper explainer video style and message to communicate, on the other hand, might be tough.

Using a 1 minute explainer video is a terrific and simple method to communicate yourself, whether you're describing your concept, product, or service, creating a series of internal training, attempting to produce a how-to video, or planning to build a distinctive video CV for your dream job.

Top 5 Examples of Explainer Videos

We've created this list of the top 24 explainer video examples to help you make the best choice when purchasing or making one for your company. You may receive inspiration from them and also brainstorm your own explainer video ideas by looking at these examples.

Google Drive

Google is unquestionably a trailblazer in a variety of fields. As a result, it's no surprise that we'll begin with Google's fantastic explanatory film. It simply summarizes a number of aspects that the organization want to communicate to consumers. The writers describe dozens of new services and how they can aid typical consumers in less than a minute-long how it works video.

We can plainly comprehend the company's specific message from the video. In addition, the corporate colours of Google, as well as the forms of the symbols, are clearly visible. This is a great example of what a good explainer video should look like: informative, concise, and branded.


A video that shows how it works in a really innovative way. The authors utilize a real-life scenario, real-life language, and a realistic setting. This provides for the delivery of a message that a company's services are used in everyday scenarios.

Another oddity is the contrast between athletics and coaching. Grammarly is portrayed as more than just a service; it is also a source of helpful advice.

5 fabuolus examples of 1 minute explainer videos

Western Union

Another nice example of a video explaining a fintech company's new features. The film illustrates people's pressing requirements, provides the solution, and explains how it works in less than two minutes.

Corporate colours, a vivid palette, and exciting animations help people remember the organization and its contribution to the financial services industry. Furthermore, the film places a specific user at the centre of financial action by describing how each individual may create their own payment scheme.


PandaDoc has created an animated movie that shows how to integrate workflow automation into a company's everyday operations. A wonderful example of how to quickly describe the primary service, the solution's major features, how it helps in day-to-day task management, and what the client can do.

Apart from the explanation, the film concludes with a clear call to action. It carefully stresses the need of focusing on practically every business's principal goal: raising income.


This animated movie, which lasted one minute, illustrated how convoluted our professional lives can be. Slack illustrates how the product may assist us and fit seamlessly into our lives. The video is lively and inventive. Despite this, there is no voice-over. It was a difficult effort for the designers to maintain the notion lively without using any words.

This animated explainer video is one of the animated explainer video examples that can be used as a template for a high-quality piece of content that can be utilized on social media and business websites.


Here are the top explainer video examples for the year 2022. Apart from gaining ideas from the films mentioned above, it's critical to properly comprehend your target audience's demands before making an explainer video.

Creating an explainer video might be a difficult endeavour, but with the appropriate guidance, it can be a piece of cake. So, before you make your final decision on a video style, keep the following in mind.

  • Keep your message short and sweet.
  • Make your major points stand out.
  • Without utilizing your goods, draw attention to the challenges that individuals confront.
  • Mention all of your advantages.
  • Add a sense of humour.
  • Make a strong call to action.