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Megha Jadhav

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5 Factors You Must Consider Before Investing in a Help Desk Software


A help desk software is designed to act as the web-based support centre for your business. It effectively streamlines and facilitates crucial support processes like enquiry or complaint management. An efficient software helps save on the cost of training a novice for controlling the necessary support processes. Installing the software will also help a junior team member become an expert at support process management. It will also be able to quickly resolve complaints, catering to more customers, thus making the staff more productive.

Nevertheless, with a wide range of companies offering the software with claims of best services, it gets challenging to arrive at the right one. In that case, it gets confusing to choose one over the other. It comes with similar services as of a service desk software, thus adding another level of complexity in making the decision. Read on to understand how you can arrive at the right software.

5 factors that make good help desk assistance software:

1) The ticketing system’s capacity

The primary function of a software assisting help desk support is its ticketing system. It converts all requisitions into tickets for further processing. An efficient assistance software should offer greater control over all these requisitions. Look for the features like assignment, reassignment, resending, escalation, routing, cancellation or closing of generated tickets. The more features a help desk software offers, the better its control. Thus, look for more of these services for the management of ticketing systems.

2) Level of knowledge access

The access to knowledge applies to both the internal user as well as the external one. A support assistant must be able to easily and quickly retrieve information about the query being made when working on efficient software. Also, the ones on the other end of requisition should be directed to a list of FAQs if a query is repetitive. It is one of the necessary considerations that make the software more efficient than many others available.

3) Scope to customise

A good help desk software must adapt to the workflow your business follows. If it is not customisable, you will not be able to utilise it to its best. Besides, you should also choose one that allows for the customisation of templates and interfaces according to your brand. In the absence of this customisation, your customers will receive generic responses which they may not be able to connect with.

4) Capacity for database storage

For businesses with a broad customer base, it is necessary to look for a software that has a larger database storage capacity. It is because the business will have to maintain a larger number of data. Also, if you are operating at a limited server capacity, make sure to check the amount of content your selected software can host for its knowledge base.

5) Compatibility with mobile

Mobile compatibility is a must for any support software, be it help desk, ticketing or service-desk software. So, when going for one with help desk support, make sure you check whether it comes with a mobile application to help customers send a query, be it through any social media platform.

Other necessary checks to perform while chossing a help desk software features include ease of use, integration, scalability, budget, security, etc. Go through these features before investing in software for help desk support to make your support processes more efficient.

Megha Jadhav is the author of this article on help desk software. Find more information about service desk software.