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5 Minutes Night Time Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types


5 Minutes Night Time Skin Care Routine For All Skin TypesNo matter what type of skin you have, night skin care is a must for everyone. Your body and skin mostly repairs and rejuvenates during your 6 to 7 hours of sleep at night. Night hours are the time when cell turnover increases and rejuvenation mostly occurs. Therefore, night time skin care routine has to be a salient part of which shall not be skipped.

How to start with night time skin care routine?

You should always pick for the right type of skin care routine according to your skin type. Thus, understanding your skin type is the first step towards a healthy skin Here we are to tell you how to do night time skin care for different skin types.

Oily Skin

If your face remains oily and you want to remove the excessive oil from it, then you must follow the steps mentioned below that will repair your facial skin. Products that are not too strong should be used on oily skin.

  • Gentle cleansing lotion will be better for you. Use it to remove all the makeup from your face.

  • After that apply some oil reducing face wash to clean your face well.Hydrate your skin by gently tapping some toner.

  • After cleansing and toning, apply some facial oil on your face to provide that complete nutrition to your skin.

  • Lastly, apply a pea sized amount of light moisturizer and you will be done with your skin care for the night.

Apart from the above given steps, should also use scrub and mask twice a week to clean the dead skin and open closed pores.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is slightly tight and the skin usually tears because of the texture. This happens because of less water intake and minimal hydration. Dry skin usually looks lifeless and itchy. With these, you can balance the nutrition required in your skin.

  • Choose a chemical free face wash to clean the skin from dust and dirt.

  • To keep the Ph balance restored, use rose water or alcohol free toner.

  • Apply a serum or a facial oil and gently rub your skin anti-clock wise all over your face and neck.

  • You will be done for the night by applying some good amount of moisturise.

Give some time to the products so that it gets completely absorbed by your skin before you go to sleep. Lightly scrub and apply mask once in a week. Body butter is also one of the trusted ways to prevent dry skin.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is very fragile and any product you opt for can have an opposite result to your skin. On such skin types, a little pollution and a change of weather can easily cause redness and spots. You definitely can’t change your skin type but you can do your bit by properly taking care of your skin at night.

  • Use cleansing milk to remove makeup and dirt from your face without missing a single spot.

  • Be gentle and give a freshness to your face with a light cleanser.

  • Then apply toner with the help of a cotton ball.

  • Nourish your face with a facial oil by massaging it with your fingertips. Facial oil provides relief to the skin and prevents any harm or redness.

  • Lastly apply some night cream and you are done with your nighttime skin care.

Now, go for and start collecting or shopping the required beauty products for a beautiful and healthy skin. You can also create these products at home with DIYs recipes.

If you want to know how, leave a comment below.

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