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5 Reasons a Teen Should Start Seeing Gynaecologists

Blog: 5 Reasons a Teen Should Start Seeing Gynaecologists

Shaheen Shaikh

@ Content writer | | Health-beauty

5 Reasons a Teen Should Start Seeing Gynaecologists

Many healthcare experts recommend that your child’s first visit to the gynaecologist should be at the age of 13 to 15. You may take your daughter to the best gynaecologist in Delhi who can help your kid to get accustomed to the changes puberty brings. The one-on-one discussion with the doctor will give the teen authentic information as the information most teens would be receiving from the friends and surrounding can be misleading. Thus later if they face any problem, they can talk to their gynaecologist freely and not hesitate in sharing their problems.

Also, gynaecologist would be able to educate regarding their body and changes which happen during teenage as sometimes parents are not able to talk to the kid due to lack of sufficient information or awkwardness. Let’s see why your adolescent daughter should visit the gynaecologist from an early age.  

  • Essential Information in a Comfortable Surrounding: Sometimes, your daughter might be facing some problems that she is afraid of or uncomfortable sharing with you. Girls feel shy while talking about sexuality, period, and birth control. But with the right kind of assistance from the best gynaecologist in Delhi, they would get better information, in-depth knowledge and would not feel awkward about it. This would also help them in establishing a trusting relationship with their doctor and discuss the queries freely.
  • No Unknown Confrontation: If the pelvic examination is needed in an emergency from an unknown doctor, it may scare a teenaged girl. Taking your daughter to the best gynaecologist in Delhi, even during your regular check-up can be a better way to introduce her to the need for a regular gynaecological check-up. Through your earlier visits, your daughter will be able to establish a relation of trust and mutual understanding with the gynaecologist.
  • Awareness about their Bodily Changes: Gynaecologists play a very vital role in comforting your daughter about the physical changes that they would be going through. They may discuss several issues such as menstrual cycle, cramps, the heavy bleeding, vaginal discharge, and so on. You may not be able to explain everything but a gynaecologist being an expert can make the girl understand it in a better way.  The doctor can also explain various hygiene methods, exercise, food habits essential for gynaecological health.  
  • Training: Gynaecologist has the training in handling all kinds of situation otherwise, which would have been challenging for you. They are trained in talking to girls who belong to different stages of adolescence.
  • STDs and Pregnancy Prevention: It is crucial that you teach your daughter about protection and pregnancy prevention. A gynaecologist would be able to help teenaged girls to know all about the risks of various STDs and how they could be prevented before they become sexually active.  

Inculcating the habit of visiting a gynaecologist regularly and maintaining a track of health is the duty of every parent. The doctor can be your trusted friend who will help your daughter be comfortable with her body and changes the age brings.