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5 Reasons to use Henna Power, Poland


It is very essential to know that why we should choose Henna Powder for our use? If we research, every one wants to look best & gorgeous. Many new trends come in market to look best. I am going to share some & unique tactics.

Use of Henna Powder

Body Tattoo

Hair Dye

Henna for Brow & Eyelashes

Henna Spa

Henna Tattoo Stickers

Body Tattoo– Henna body Tattoo is a special addition to any ritual, ceremony or rite of passage, and is a beautiful way to mark or bless an occasion. It can also be a tool to assist you through a healing process. You can choose designs or symbols that represent your intentions, and place the design on areas of the body that you want to focus on or send healing energy to.

Hair Dye– Henna hair dyes are 100 percent natural, vegan and preservative- and synthetic-free—and are a great alternative for those looking to color the hair without altering its natural structure and condition. Pregnant women who have been cautioned against synthetic dye may find their ideal hair color in henna. If you are feeling adventurous, want to enhance your natural hue or just want to interact with an age-old beauty ritual from times past, henna is for you.

Henna for Brow & Eyelashes– Do you want to have eyes, from which no one can look away from and eyelashes and eyebrows that look like they are painted? Henna Brows are hot! Not surprising, when you see the results that you can achieve with Henna Dye. Beautiful, full eyebrows, because the henna stays on the skin for up to 2 weeks and on the eyebrow hairs for up to 6 weeks. Easy application, no need for expensive training courses!

5 Reasons to use Henna Power, Poland

Henna Spa– Henna Spa is not a simple tinting procedure. We will perform a complete Henna Spa eyebrow re-design by measuring the PERFECT shape for you according to your face and eye shape.

Henna Tattoo Stickers– There are mehndi sticker designs available which can be used for temporary tattoos. They come in different designs – from being small to even big ones. The best thing about mehndi stickers is that you can change your tattoo almost every week.

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