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Lina Carner

Founder Digitalu | Posted on |

5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is Important for your Business


Marketing is divided into two:

 Traditional Marketing

 Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing includes age-old methods wherein advertisements are published in magazines or newspapers. Some also indulge in setting up billboards or distributing flyers. Commercial ads also come under this category.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, involves marketing through the use of the internet, through social media, through developing one’s own website; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube are just a few channels amongst the many others.

The essence of marketing, whether traditional or digital, is to create awareness and draw consumers towards your products and services. Change is the only constant and hence in today’s modern world, it is important that entrepreneurs, small or big, shift steadily towards digital marketing in order to attain success. Today we will discuss why digital marketing is so crucial for any business.

First and Foremost, Digital Marketing helps the marketer reach out to a wide range of audience.

Customer views and preferences can be easily tapped in the case of Digital Marketing. With limited scope in traditional marketing to interact with the final consumer, Digital Marketing provides one with an opportunity to not just interact with the customers but also attain useful information which could then be used to improve product performance.

Secondly, Digital Marketing aids in increasing website traffic.

When website traffic improves, the sale of the product automatically gets the required push. Search Engine Optimization blends perfectly with Digital Marketing. The keywords as they call it is a very strong concept and plays a key role in ensuring that one's website finds a place in the top results of the search engine.

Thirdly, Digital Marketing gives scope for personalized selling.

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, the personalized selling that Digital Marketing allows makes it more likable. How many of you really read all the advertisements in the Newspapers or magazines? How many of you really watch each and every commercial on the television or hear them on the radio? With digital marketing, you can reach out to a pre-decided set of audience and tailor your communication accordingly. Appointing an agency to work for you is a brilliant idea; once you have explained your company’s vision and goal to them, they take care of the rest by employing professionals who know in and out of Digital Marketing.

Fourthly, Digital Marketing helps improve business visibility.

 A lot of Digital Marketing tools are available these days. These not only provide you with crucial data that helps you analyze your strategies but also alert you if your strategies need to be changed. It helps you understand your customers and their preferences. As rightly said by Dan Zarrella “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”. You could use the data collected to customize your offerings as per the customer needs and thus improve business visibility.

Last but not least, Digital Marketing helps you face competition.

Today’s customer is absolutely tech-savvy. We live in an era where even vegetable can be ordered online. Imagine the transformation that has taken place in the market scenario. To avoid a checkmate situation in today’s fast-paced world one has to be on one’s toes. Grabbing every opportunity with both hands with the help of Digital Marketing is a must. Competition is fierce and maintaining one’s position is of paramount importance. Not only winning new customers is vital, but retaining the existing ones is also a big thing. Repeat business is desired by one and all. Hence it is important to establish credibility via a strong online presence. The customers are assured that the business is stable and growing.

It would be difficult to thrive in the business world with plain traditional marketing. Today when the majority of the public own smartphones, there is no escape from going digital. One application download, one click and the order gets placed in a spur of a second. Lets then thank everyone who strives to bring these products to us and that too with so much convenience.

If you believe you want to be one such professional who wants to make things easier for the customers you must back your desire with a professional degree. Many programs like an MBA with a Marketing specialization, Masters in Marketing Management, Masters in Strategic Management, Masters in Marketing & Creativity etc are available in various institutes of repute. Come let’s join hands with Leverage Edu and understand which program suits you best.