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Prafulla Mishra

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5 Reasons Why NRIs Are Buying More Commercial Property In India


One of the most preferred choices for investing in India has always been the real estate market. The Indian real estate is on a growth trajectory following which several non-resident Indians (NRIs) are investing heavily in the country’s realty sector. Many projects such as Pride World City are offering commercial spaces at an affordable price point.

Read on to know why the reasons while NRIs are buying more commercial property in India:

1. Dip in the Value of the Rupee

NRIs, especially those who are earning their living in dollars, are suddenly seeing the value of the rupee plummeting. They are finding that this is a rather good time to invest in commercial properties – be it booking flats in Pune or some other metropolitan.

As an investment, because of the reduced value of rupee, they can acquire more space by paying a lesser amount.

2. Safety

Earlier, most NRI investors used to be skeptical about putting their money in the Indian real estate. There were fears regarding safety, misselling and various fraudulent activities. However, with the new Government regulations, particularly the implementation of RERA, real estate business is now more transparent than ever.

5 Reasons Why NRIs Are Buying More Commercial Property In India

This is prompting NRIs to pump their money into the Indian real estate sector, particularly commercial ones. They are aware of each and every aspect of project development, which has boosted their confidence.

3. Capital Appreciation

Prices of commercial properties, on most occasions, appreciate in the long run. With local development, the price of the asset moves up.

This becomes a profitable bet for NRIs should they wish to sell their property in the near future. On most occasions, a well-developed commercial property when sold results in a profitable deal. This is another reason why NRIs are investing more in commercial properties in the country.

4. Rent Generation

Many companies from within as well as outside of India, are always on the lookout for commercial places for their operations. Renting out a commercial space often is a source of secondary income for NRIs.

If space is in a city like Pune or any metro in the country, the chances of earning a hefty rental go up manifold. Also, with each passing year, the rent amount increases, making it a lucrative proposition for NRI investors.

5. An asset For Retirement

This is another reason for NRIs to invest in commercial properties of the country. It is an asset for them in their golden years, when they hang up their boots. The rents earned from the commercial property helps NRIs meet their post-retirement expenses and other needs.

It is a good way for NRIs to secure their future and address various expenses post-retirement. With commercial property prices appreciating in the long run, it can be a profitable bet to invest in them.

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