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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on |

5 reasons your relationships are going the wrong way


Safety and trust are the base of any relationship. They both become stronger with time. You share each and everything with each other. Without safety and trust, you step back, get pissed off and get angry a line of misunderstandings to revolve around you. Many times, you try to explain something but lack of trust and understanding make your partner think the other way. But from where did the problem started? To know about what is going in your parent's life we have the Best Tricks to Track Activities of Unfaithful Partner: SMS Trackers Review

Even good relations can face this problem sometimes by explaining or by unexplained behavior. That may result in the shattering of trust which eventually affects the safety part. These insecurities can be devastating.

Here are some reasons to know why your relationships are going the wrong way?

• Criticism

The comments like you put too much salt in food, why you left clothes on the floor etc feels bad when your intentions are good. But nonstop comments like this make you irritated over time. When you see that partner is not on your side, you feel insecure that may ruin the case.

• Anger

Criticism leads to anger and then come the abusive part, in some case physically abused. Then the relationship becomes a formality.

• Micromanagement

When you are not heard and are felt that you are not capable of doing anything and given suggestion or advice on everything you do, the things of frustration and anger piles up

• Lack of appreciation 

You do something with your good intentions trying to bring the things on track. You cook a fancy dinner or arranged a surprise party to bring back the lost charm but get only a limited word like ‘not bad’ in return with no appreciation or excitement,. This hurts.

• Neglect

Your partner neglects you pretending you are just an object without feelings. He doesn't care about your existence at all. An air of isolation, silence, and loneliness surrounds you.

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What should you do?

Although all the above response shows that you need to re-think about these relations. Communication might help you with this. You can try talking to him and explaining to him how you feel. There are chances that he might be doing all this due to some tensions or issues in life like having some job problems or family problems. If things don't change then you need to change your way of things i.e. to use the Best Tricks to Track Activities of Unfaithful Partner: SMS Trackers Review.

Spy apps are one of the best options to spy your partner. The spy apps are the software that can let you know the incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, chats, browsing history, and track the location of your partner and that too without letting him know. That way you can keep a check on his daily activities. You can even check his social media account to know what's going on. These apps are easy to install and are available at different prices. You just have to select the best one that suits you according to your requirements, the phone you and your partner use, and the budget.

Besides this, keep a check on hos ATM withdraws, bills, purchases, etc. to know where he is spending the money.

But remember this should be done very carefully without letting him know as things may get worse if he came to know about it.

Hope to do all this to help you in reaching the right decision.