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amit Sharma

Growth Marketer| | Posted on |

5 Steps To Create Valuable Content That People Love To Share Online


Content Marketing Hot in the market right now. Everyone is talking about its amazing results without being interruptive or pushy.

It is a long term marketing strategy that is focused on providing relevant and helpful content to the audience when they need it.

Every piece of content that you upload on your website must provide a certain level of value to your readers. This the only way they can trust you with all that you have to offer. 

Below are the 5 things you must consider if you want your content to be valuable.

#1. Findable Content

While creating content, Always remember your aim is to get found by a particular target audience when they search for a solution or information on the internet.

If you are just starting to create your first content marketing strategy, You must start with proper keyword research, user research, and content goals.

SEO is still one of the most important strategies to create your credibility online. Make Sure you are using proper SEO guidelines to create a findable piece of content.

Below is an image from the outbrain that explains the relation between SEO and content marketing.

5 Steps To Create Valuable Content That People Love To Share Online

SEO can sound very technical to someone who does not work in the field of marketing and technology. The best advice SEO professionals can give to those is to create content in the harmony of searcher intent (user intent).

#2. Readable Content

There is still a huge majority of the audience who consume information in the form of an easily readable text. It takes a lot of effort to drive your first blog visitors so your blog must be easy to read when they finally find your content online.

Your page must be easy to read if you are creating long posts like guides, case studies, and reports. But how much do people read online? 

It matters from industry to industry. Below is an interesting study from a marketing blog ViperChill that will give you an idea of how long should your content be.

There are lots of techniques you can use to make your content more readable. To name a few, you can use lots of white space in your post, keep your paragraph shorts and make proper use of headings.

#3. Understandable Content

Creating content that every user understands can be challenging for every content marketer sometimes. You need to understand your buyer’s personas very carefully to create understandable content.

Once you are sure about who you are writing for, Provide context, maintain a standard reading level and create valuable content. You can use infographics, animated videos and much more to make easy to consume and understand.

Below is an example of an image by Zazzle media that disable the rise of content marketing over some time.

If you truly know who you are writing for, creating understandable content that your audience love to read gets a lot easier.

#4. Actionable Content

When you have content goals, make sure your content encourages users to take relevant and obvious action.

A call to action button that offers value can be used as a lead magnet for your blog. Have a comments sections below your post where users can ask about related queries. Provide your social media links where your audience can connect with you.

You can use different types of call to action buttons but make sure it's not boring and get the attention of the reader. You need to make them attractive and encouraging like the one below.

Always remember relevant content is still the most important part of any content marketing strategy. It helps in understanding user behavior and creating better content strategies to drive actions.

#5. Sharable Content

You have invested a lot of time in creating a helpful piece of content full of information. Your content should provoke an emotional response from the readers.

Make sure your content is easy to share with the right sharing tools right around your blogpost. Experiment with different sharing widgets and use what works for you best.

If you have truly helped your audience with your content, you can simply ask them to share your content. This only works if your audience feels connected and related to your blog and the queries you solve for them.

The Internet is getting very noisy lately and people love it when they find a valuable piece of content on the web.

Today, brands are investing more and more resources in content marketing which is focused on getting found than pushing ads in the face of the users.

Are you struggling to improve your content to meet your marketing goals, get in touch today for a free consultation.