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Ajay Kumar

Article writer, SEO Executive | Posted on |

5 Super Duper Catering Ideas For Your Event


Catering at corporate events can be strenuous. It is a lengthy and difficult process to create an event that lets people get the the ambience, food and facilities. The idea is to impress the guests and to avoid the same old strategies of corporate events. Here are five interesting ideas to help you get started.

5 Super Duper Catering Ideas For Your Event

  • Serving the guests with seasonal delicacies is a sure shot way to create a very good first impression. Use fresh strawberries in salads or sweet corn brought in from the local farm. Using seasonal offerings from local sources make sure that one is serving fresh food. Local catering companies also reminds the guests what the region has to offer at that point of time. Seasonal fruits and vegetables in the gourmet add a Midas’ touch for those in attendance and are bound to delight.
  • Presenting the food at a corporate lunch catering in a creative way will entice the guests’ attention towards it instantaneously. Arranging food by their colour, in multiple tiers grabs the attention of even a passer-by. Appropriate tableware and properly arranged cutleries can exhibit a masterpiece beautifully. This is because we eat with our eyes first. Using wooden boards instead of traditional trays at the display, and while serving snacks, is a super duper idea. New and innovative ideas for presentation are practically limitless.
  • Reinventing the generally popular delicacies is what corporate lunch catering in Melbourne specialise at. Giving the classic grilled cheese a gourmet twist and offering cakes in shot glass portions are some of their tricks used by the best corporate catering services in Melbourne, to keep guests happy. Corporate events are classic ones and food has to match up with the occasion.
  • The food section of any event is generally predictable by their order of consumption. It often does not create a delight in the guests’ minds. To break that predictability you can have self-serve and DIY stations where the guests get to make and garnish their own food. Food chopping boards, stations of pizza, stands serving taco and chefs tossing sushi make it way more interactive than sit down and eat meals. This can be applied to any section of the platter. Restrictions are easy when dietary preferences are easy. Dietary preferences are easy when the attendees can pick and choose what, how and how much to choose from.
  • Making the theme of the event according to and around the food being offered are other great thoughts that can be applied. This streamlines the entire planning process and its fun. When the unique food theme matches the theme of the event it is bound to get the appreciation of those invited. 
  • Catering at events doesn’t always have to be traditional. Creating certain changes with the existent compounds can create a huge change in the way it’s perceived. Incorporations of few of the given ideas can make sure that events such as these will be the hot topic of discussion beyond the time of its incorporation.